May 16

knitting ADD

I seem to have knitting ADD lately I’ve started to many new project and haven’t finished one (except socks but they don’t really count). I have now cast on the POLE pattern in my pretty new Tanis green label yarn and so far so good, the pattern has been easier then I thought. Hopefully I will actually finish this one in time to wear it for cool summer evenings.

May 10


Well this past weekend we went to Toronto and I decided to go to The Purple Purl to see if they had the yarn I wanted to start making the Pole pattern that I bought a little while back. I wasn’t going to do it but I bought some yummy yarn to use and now have skeins to make into  balls so that I can get started. I might just wait until Rowan is home with me and she can do the winding for me she likes to use the ball winder. no pictures of the yarn but it is purple and I love it. Can’t wait to get started on it.

Jan 23


Well I had a great bit of yarn sitting in my stash since  Perian, mtlaise and I went on our long distance yarn shop years ago and I finally found a project I liked enough to use it for. It isn’t the project I wanted to use it for which was the Pole cardigan (weight was wrong) but it is a cute project that I think I will like. It’s from the new book Vampire knits the be still my beating heart caplet.

This is what happens when you run out of stitch markers and are resourceful.Yes those are paper clips it was too cold to go out and buy more stitch markers

Jan 21

patterns and knitting

I have been looking at Ravelry a lot lately since I need stuff to do while stuck at home because of the snow and have finally decided on buying a few patterns. I decided on buying the Pole pattern and a toy pattern Carmel the little Spanish girl I can’t wait to start knitting them. I have the yarn for the sweater though I have to spin it into balls to use which I will more them likely do tomorrow after the house work. It will be nice to sit and relax with some great yarn and a nice pattern to get into. It will be just like Saturdays I used to have in Calgary knitting and watching TV, though I will be on my own not with the Dork squad. The other crafters I know here don’t knit, they do other crafts so a stitch’n’bitch isn’t possible and they don’t really live near by so it makes it even harder. Oh well knitting doesn’t have to social, I would just prefer if it were.

Jan 9

Knitting time

I have been looking for a cute cardigan for a while and can’t bring myself to pay the prices that they sell for when I know I can make one that I like better for the same price as a store bought one. I’ve spent the past day or so looking at patterns and have found two that I like but one that I would like to start as soon as I can get out to buy the yarn for it.I want to start the cavern cardi as soon as I can get the yarn because it looks like one that is easy enough for me not to screw up to badly and actually finish. The second is the Pole which looks a little more challenging for me and one I really need to take time on but would still really like to try. I hope that I can get out and get my yarn sometime soon, I really need something to do with my hands other then play those blasted facebook games.

May 25

first attempt

Well I’ve been thinking about trying to make a shawl for the longest time now and I finally broke down and found a pattern that I think may be simple enough for me to do without screwing up too many times. I already had to restart it once because I couldn’t find were I had dropped a stitchand have gotten only as far as the first part of the shawl, pretty close to knitting into the chart pattern soon so I will post pictures when that gets started.

Jan 28

new work

well to make a bit of cash I am trying to sell a few of the toys that I have crocheted since I have been bored to death at home not working. I hope I can get pictures up this time

there’s a few more but they are too big for adding

Jan 8

I am alive and am crafting really I am

Well it’s been a really long time since I have been on here and I have been crafting just not posting about it I made all of the Christmas prezzies this year. I made a slouchy hat and a scarlet for David’s sister Debbie and a pair of slipper socks for his sister Donna nothing knit for the mom though this year.

Now I am making little crocheted toys for my little girl a little late for Christmas but I didn’t have the time during that season to get them done they are now done and will be sent as soon as possible for her.
I want to post pictures but am having issues doing it once I figure it out again I will post pictures.

Dec 4

You knew it was coming…

I tore out my sock…

I got to the heel flap the other night, and noticed an error (I skipped two rows in the pattern repeat). I decided to leave it due to the fact that it was on the front of the sock, and would land right where the ankle meets the leg, and wouldn’t be very visible. Those who know me well know just how big a deal that was for me. Then, as I was finishing up the heel flap, I noticed a major error right up near the cuff of the sock on the other side. It was just too much! So, I tore the whole thing out and started over; I’m now working on the cuff again, but much happier!

Aug 7

Sweater for Arwen

As promised I have finally taken pictures of the progress on my sweater this is the left side.

sweater for Arwen

You can see how well the pattern shows up with this yarn, I am so happy with how this is coming out so far. I am a little more then half way through the left side and already have the back done. Hopefully I will have the rest done soon and can wear it this winter.

Jul 22

I’ve finally picked up my Cardigan for Arwen once again and it is going rather well if I do say so myself. There will be pictures as soon as there is a little more to see of the celtic pattern. It is going to take a while to finish but hopefully it will be done for winter so I can wear it.

Jul 8

I am not dead really I am not

I am not dead I just haven’t been knitting or crochetting anything in the last little while. I have actually done a few things though just not posted about them. I have crochetted recently two patterns Laura the ladybird and Francisca as a butterfly no pictures of either because I am not fully done them I am taking a little break from them my hands are sore. Both of these little gems will be sent off as gifts as soon as I am done them which needs to be soon since they are already kind of late.

Feb 4

I have finally started to knit a pair of socks for myself, the padded footlet , the last pair that I tried to knit for myself ended up going to my mom for christmas. Hopefully I will be quick on them I am already done one and it looks awesome and fits nicely.I am also going to try and show dave’s sister Debbie how to knit a very simple toque for her son Jordan we’ll see how good I am a t teaching I usually suck at it.

Jan 6

mother in law shawl

I got a call the other day from Dave’s mom just to say hi and she mentioned that she has been wearing the shawl that I made her everyday since she got it anywhere she goes. It’s awsome that she loves it so much she finds it nice and warm which it was meant to be so yay. Now I have to re start my sweater and a few other projects that I have in mind I am going to busy.

Dec 20

Christmas gifts

I finally finished all my Christmas gifts that I was making for my family and sent them off yesterday through greyhound I hope they get there in time for Christmas eve I want the kids to be able to open them for christmas not afterwards. All the other Christmas shopping has finally been finished and now all I have to do is wrap everything and put them under the tree. I also have to start making one more Christmas gift that unfortunately will be late in getting there for Christmas (sorry Mar). I promise they will get there this year though.

Nov 12

Shawls and Toques and Mitts Oh my

The shawl was finished a few days ago and is already washed and blocked  pictures are coming soon . In the mean time  I have been knitting a new pair of mitts for me and a toque now  that the  winter season is starting up here  I will try and get  pictures of me wearing them when I can.

Oct 31

mother in law shawl

I am almost near the end of the shawl making process I bought 5 balls of yarn and I am half way through the 4th ball and I am so excited it is coming out amazingly you can clearly see the leaf pattern and it is perfect so far only minor screw up that only I can see. I really hope that she likes it I have worked hard on it carting it to work and back as often as I can. The only difficult thing will be trying to block it I don’t know if I have enough blocks to do it on or enough room on the floor of the spare room that is currently covered in boxes of books and yarn. Oh well I figure out a way to do it needs to get done finished pictures will be up when I am all done.

Oct 17

I can knit lace

I have discovered that I can knit lace and I like it. I decided that I was going to knit Dave’s mom a shawl for Christmas during a bout of insanity, with that thought I ordered yarn and it arrived two days ago. As soon as the yarn arrived I stopped knitting my lovely cardigan for Arwen and began the Leaf patterned Convertable Shawl for Daves mom and so far so good. I have finally bought a row counter so I am no longer getting lost on which rows I am on and the pattern is easy enough that I can follow it while watching tv though there have been the few slip ups that were easy to fix. So far you can actually see the leaf pattern appearing and it s knitting up quickyI am almost done the first ball and I started two nights ago only knitting while at my evil closing shifts at work. I will insert pictures once I take one. Dave is loving the way it is looking and he thinks his mom is going to love it, so yay me.

leaf-patterned shawl

In other news I have bought halloween colours for my nails which I can now have long and almost need long when holding the very small screws repairing galsses. They are currently a very bright orange with a french tipped black and the 3rd finger has a skull and cross bones on it. We’ll see how long they last with me being so rough on my hands.I’ll take pictures of them too maybe holding the leaf patterned shawl.

halloween nails

Oct 7

Lady in Waiting

Since I am waiting for the yarn I ordered to come in to start on the shawl for Dave’s mom I have started to knit for me once again. I started the Cardigan for Arwen in a yarn I had in my stash for a while and hopefully it works out well so far I am almost done the back only a few more inches to go. As soon as the yarn comes in for the shawl though this project gets put down and the shawl is begun. I still have to do the sock too but that can wait maybe it will be a car project on the way to Toronto on the 24th.I will have pictures as the knitting progresses.

Sep 30

still living

Yes I am still alive just busy working and going on Holidays. I am still knitting on the job even now that the boss is back cuz I can knit on Sundays which I am usually working. I don’t often get a weekend off which is ok cuz neither does Dave we both get our days off during the week.

I really hate Airport security you know I wasn’t able to take my knitting with me to London because of them it was so not fair. Security is way to harsh over there you even have to take your shoes off and stick them in a scanner as you are entering the boarding area. Either way the whole point of this was that I really haven’t knit in two weeks and that is not good cuz I have to finish this pair of socks soon so I can start on the shawl I want to make Dave’s mom for christmas.Hopefully I get back into the knitting mood soon though, I have to get going on all this, christmas is way to close and I have so much to do.

In some good news I got in contact with Girlinglasses so she could recommend yarn shops in Toronto, so next time I go I can stop at a few and maybe make my stash grow a little. Though I really can’t at the moment the trip killed me.I can always drool at the pretty yarn and save up for the next time we go down.A girl can dream can’t she.

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