Aug 20

socks and work

There is only one good thing about having late night shifts with no optician in I can knit and knit and no one stops me. That is all going to end soon though our boss is back from holidays this week and now both her and Amber will be switching off nights so I won`t be alone anymore I`ll actually have stuff to do which is good but bad, no more getting paid to knit damn.

Aug 15

knitting hell

Ok so I’ve discovered that I am in a knitters hell, there is one yarn shop in Sudbury and no one on Ravelry likes it, which suchs ass. I wish I had my lovely ladies from Calgary here it would be soooooooo nice. Well I am just going to have to start shopping online from Make1¬†or go to Toronto more often so I can get yarn. I am also thinking of doing something crazy I am thinking of attempting a shawl or stole for Joyce for Christmas. That is just a thought though it is still being thought through I have no clue if I can find something that is easy enough for me to finish and block in time for christmas like I said we’ll see. I so should not be posting right now because I am posting from work but I am alone and so very bored not one person has come in my area in the three hours I have been here. Thank the gods that I only have one hour left of work though I have to wait for Dave to get off for a drive so I’ll be knitting for a while.

Jul 31


Ok so I am knitting socks like crazy so that I can give them to my family as Christmas presents since it looks like I am not going to be able to make it home for Christmas. I have finished two pairs already and I started the third I was making the Kew socks but I tried to make them toe up and it wasn’t working out right so I frogged it and tried starting top down and it still didn’t work so I gave up. I am no longer making the Kew socks they suck I am making another type now. I have now started to make the River Rapids socks and so far those are working well but slowly they are the first top down socks I am making I am going to have fun with the heel. I hope I am smart enough to figure out the heel on my own cuz damn it looks complicated and so very different from what I am used to, I guess I can always learn something new. Here’s to trying new things.

Jul 10


Since I haven’t been working yet cuz I’ve been taking care of the kiddo I’ve been knitting like crazy. I recently decided that I was going to knit all my sisters socks for Christmas ans since normally I have second sock syndrome I thought I would start now. Well I seem to have gotten over the second sock syndrome by knitting lace socks. Weird I know but it seems to have worked I finished my first pair the other day (Fawkes) and have started on a second pair ( Coupling) already and am almost done the first one of that as well. I am loving the lace socks it’s weird and I have learned to read charts something I thought I would have a lot of difficulty with. I am more the likely not going to be knitting too much this weekend considering my honey has the whole weekend off and we are going to doing things. I will get more done next week if I don’t have a job by then, I am going to be alone most of the time from now on, the munchkin is going to camp and then back to her mom’s and Dave will be working. I will post pics later

Jun 19

Baby booties

Ailleen\'s booties

baby booties

I finished the pair of baby booties that I started for Ailleen’s new baby they are so very cute in the pink though I hate pink I have a ton of yarn left over so I may look at something else small to make with the left over yarn though probably not for Ailleen’s baby just a random child maybe have no clue.

Apr 27

Endless slippers

The ugly little slippers that I made for Wendy were such a hit with her family that I have been commissioned to make more of them at a price of course and since they are a mindless knit I have agreed. I have made two of the 4 pairs that she has requested and now have to stop because a few of my fingers have decided to rebel and no longer want to bend to hold the knitting needles. That is ok though because the person that requested them is going in for surgery on tuesday and won’t be back for a bit so I have the time to do them. Hopefully my fingers decide to start working again soon I need the full use of my hand on tuesday for work, and knit. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens now don’t I.

Apr 8

Most hideous slippers ever

Well I have knit up the most hideous slippers ever but they were a quick knit and exactly what my friend from work asked for, rainbow slippers. They actually aren’t that hideous they just don’t photograph well. The yarn that I used is very very colorful and great for the slippers they should last a while.


Mar 30


My first knit project for Rowan was a success she loved them and actually wore them right away. Apparently his sister Debbie liked them so much she wants a pair too so off I go making another pair of fingerless mitts for someone else. I think I am going to make it out of a left over skein of Misti alpaca that I have. Hopefully she will like the colors they are kind of a burnt orange and red colors that I made my very very first sweater out of. This time I will be able to take pictures of this pair before I send them off to Sudbury.


Mar 27


I told Rowan Dave’s daughter I’d make her a pair of fingerless mitts in the color she requested (which ended up being the green wool I picked up at the Fibrefest) and have them ready for when Dave left this week. I started and finished one mitt today and finished of the last touches on the first mitt yesterday. I was knitting like mad, thankfully her hands are small and there were few stitches. Since I actually finished them off while sitting with Dave at the airport there are no pictures but he says she’ll like them and fit well. Lets hope they do.

Mar 19

Finally Oh my god

I have finally finished the god damn scarf I am currently blocking the thing on the living room floor on mats of course and the fingerless mitts are being blocked as well they are both going to be ready for when Dave arrives. Lets hope that he isn’t allergic to them.

Mar 17


So after all my knitting of the scarf and Fingerless mitts Dave suddenly remembers he may actually be allergic to wool. He loves them and would wear them he just may be allergic to them we will see when he arrives on Monday if he is allergic to this or not. Damn him and his allergies. Well if he is allergic I have a scarf and glove set for myself.

Mar 14

Amigurumi take three

You all remember Luke right well my nephew and sisters loved Luke so much that they asked were I got the pattern and proceeded to buy a few more. So now I have requests for Paz the little angel and Laura Beth as a Ladybird of which I’ve started on Laura Beth. Seeing as I don’t have proper eyes though until my order comes in I have to wait to finish her she is a headless ladybug at the moment. Both of those are for my sister to give to a friend that is trying to adopt a child from China. I also have requests to make Cecilia dressed as a cat for my niece Danielle and nephew William, though Cecilia will have to be transformed into Danielle with black hair and William with brown hair and they are going to have to be dressed as their cats. One of their cats is Grey the other is Orange so my sister has bought me the yarn for those specific cat costumes it will be great once they are done. My other sister requested a few as well though she hasn’t bought the materials yet so hers aren’t going to get done until that happens. So far these patterns are so great and easy to follow I can finish one in one night of crocheting its great. Pictures will come once they all have heads and are finished.

Laura is now mostly finished I need felt for the dots on the wings but her she is in all her Asian glory.


Mar 10

Extreme restraint

I was very proud of my-self this weekend I showed a lot of restraint. I was able to resist buying a whole bunch of roving I would never get the time or chance to learn how to spin, but I loved. In way to many of the booths there was luscious feeling roving to run my fingers over and I resisted , me the person that usually breaks down and says what the hell, I resisted. Though once I am moved and settled I will look in to spinning and buying roving because I just love the feel of the stuff in my hands.

What I did allow myself to buy made me happy though, I bought enough cascade 220 wool to make a pair of clogs which I am going to felt with Perian (pics of that yarn may end up in her post she took that set home), two hand dyed skeins of wool and one ball of Vero (51). I also bought beautiful stitch markers made by a local Calgarian that was at the Fibre-fest which for some reason my camera is having trouble focusing on. Just trust me they are very pretty glass beads. The whole weekend was fun though rather exhausting, mostly for Perian she did all the driving but the amount of yarn that was bought and ogled I think was worth it.


Mar 10

Look ma I can knit lace………sort of

Before we left for our fiber fest I had started knitting the Delicato mitts which I seemed to have modified a bit without even noticing. I tend to misread patterns a good bit, but it was easy for me to see where I had changed it and how to re-create it so that I end up with a pair of mitts that are pretty much identical. I started and the same mitt about three time because of silly little things, since there is a lace panel on the front of the mitt it was hard to tell where the yo’s were supposed to be and such so it was hard to just tink. In the end I ended up with a finished pair of gloves, which I think look pretty damn close to the picture so yay for me.


Feb 28


I finished Dave’s Dashing last night while watching Torchwood and listening to the last bit of The lion the witch and the wardrobe. The thumb gusset was amazingly easy I thought I’d have more difficulty but I did well. All I have to do now is wash and block them and they are ready for him to use when he comes down to see me. I like the way they turned out though they are not exactly a matching pair they are slightly off but that is what you get for working with a variegated yarn. I just hope Dave likes them he was excited about them so he better like them, but if he doesn’t I have a new pair of fingerless mitts.


Feb 22

Dashing mitts

I have finally started the mitts to go with the boyfriend scarf. I gave him a choice of the regular main morning mitts or the Dashing mitt the other day and he seemed to like the Dashing the most so I have started making it. I am kind of excited to see them done though I am working on dpns again after not having worked on them for a while and it feels weird I think I am just going to have to get myself a second set of all my needle tips on my interchangeables so that I can work to circulars for everything that should require dpns.There will be pictures when at least one is done which I think will be quick (I knit quickly in the round).



They are knitting up fast I knit most of the left hand glove as we went to Banff on Saturday and I have almost finished the second glove while watching one of my fave movies of all time Labyrinth i have about only 37 rows to go and the thumbs on both, hopefully I can finsh them off this weekend and wash and block them so I can continue with the scarf.

Feb 7

Boyfriend knitts and pretty yarn

I didn’t think that I would ever knit Dave (my boyfriend) anything because I didn’t think he’d actually use it, but the last time I talked to him he mentioned that he needed a scarf and gloves so I decided that I would knit him just that. I went to make one on Sunday with Tanis and Angele and I wasn’t going to buy anything but I saw a Noro yarn that I loved and decided it would be perfect for his scarf and fingerless gloves and so far I love the way it is looking, I hope he likes it too. I want it to be finished by the time he comes to see me which is more then likely the last week in March now so yay. So far it looks like this


Feb 5

The monkey

As you all know I bought a few amigurumi patterns a few weeks back, I made Luke in the Dinosaur suit and can’t seem to find eyes that I like for him (must go to Micheal’s) but I have now started Marky the Monkey . He is looking so cute I can’t wait till he is done. I have to find the stuffing in my house to be able to stuff him and put him together I even have the eyes for him already so that won’t be a problem.The funny thing is that the day that I started making him my sister came over to see us and asked what I was doing she loved the monkey and wanted one ,and since I refused to make her one she took up making it herself bothering me the rest of that night on how to do different things. She is now well versed int he stitched she needs for the monkey but still only has the one part of him that she finished the first night and nothing else. I on the other hand have finished all the parts but am not working on him until I figure out how to put all the parts on so that they look like the picture. You see the pattern is great except for the finishing touches she doesn’t explain how to attach a few of the parts so that they end up looking like the picture that she has on the pattern. I was getting so mad at the monkey that I just had to stop and now he is just a pile of bit and is waiting to be put together, though the bits are still cute. Here is what he is looking like now and will be like for a bit until I am no longer mad at it.


Jan 27

Amigurumi Love part 2

I decided to start one of my little amigurumi characters that I bought from Owlishly Designs yesterday while watching pride and prejudice, the made for TV version, and got most of the parts finished that night. Today since it is such an ugly day out I have done nothing but work on little Luke in a dinosaur suit and he is mostly done all he needs is a face which I may do later I have to find the proper eyes to suit him. Here are the pictures of him in progress and the finished results he is too damn cute if I do say so myself.

partshead attachedfull spikesarms addedfinished minus the face

Jan 20

Amigurumi Love

So Etsy is the most evil store ever I was browsing through it and decided that I should look at the amigurumi because they are so very cute and fell instantly in love with a few of them, but finally decided that I was actually going to buy three patterns right now and maybe more later on when I get the urge to crochet more toys. I have bought the patterns to Marky the monkey , Sarita , and Luke in dinasaur suit. Now all I have to do is go buy some acrylic yarn in the colors I need and I can start crocheting new projects now that my knitting is on hold until I pick the right yarn for my sweater. They are going to be fun to make I can’t wait ti start on them. I haven’t crocheted in a while so it will be a nice change from knitting for at least one project or two.

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