Jan 2

New Years Resolution

My main new years resolution this year is to not buy any more yarn unless absolutely necessary!  My secondary resolution is to not find excuses to make yarn purchases absolutely necessary! :)

I have GOT to start using my stash, it’s too big for someone like myself who is only a part-time fiber artist.  So to get off to a good start on this I am going to crochet for my mother a Toque and Scarf from the Araucania Nature Wool Solids in Rust that I bought specifically for that purpose.

Araucania Nature Wool Solids

Araucania Nature Wool Solids

I know she’ll love the colour, I just hope I can do them quickly enough to make them worthwhile this winter.  Oh well, there’s always next winter :)

Other projects have remained untouched since we’ve been crazy busy lately with the move and christmas and I’ve just been too darned lazy to touch anything!  Oh well, time to get hooking.

Oct 28

Miss me?

I know, I haven’t been posting here, but I haven’t really been doing a lot fiber wise.  I’ve finally finished my Star Baby Blanket and it looks AWESOME!  Pictures will be up on Ravelry soon.

I’ve been having difficulty casting on my Xmas Mitts for my co-worker.  This is, naturally, because I didn’t guage swatch.  Now that I’ve finally swatched I’ve determined my needles were WAY too small.  So I’ll try again tomorrow at the lunchtime knit, at the Nexen Park downtown from 12-1 if anyone wants to join us.

My regular blog is over at LiveJournal:  http://mikegincalgary.livejournal.com/ feel free to add me as a friend if you are on LiveJournal.


Oct 9

Sometimes you just have to go Awwwww

I just had an incredible moment.  I made a baby blanket a year ago for a co-worker, it was my first completed crochet project.  You can read about it and view pictures in my very first posting here on Twisted Stitches.

Well, my co-worker was in today for a visit and brought the baby.  Not only did it hold together after all this time but Katie drags it everywhere with her, not letting it out of her sight ever!  Wheeee!  She likes her Blankie!! :)

Oct 7


I’ve hit my ADHD wall.  Every project I pick up is frustrating me.  I know it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes and have to frog or tink but with my teeny attention span it gets to me.  Plus I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, I know many will have difficulty believing that, so when things aren’t right the first time around I lose interest.

I know I have to fight past this wall, I’m determined to, but the urge to give up on any form of knitting or crochet is so strong right now.  I’m forcing myself to go to Make One tonight, I’m hoping it will help me break through it.

On the plus side, my Star Blanket is looking good, even though I had to go back a few rows because I ended up with a flat edge, hehehe.  The person I’m making it for is Due today, so I’m hoping the baby isn’t in a huge rush to come into the world, or he’ll (/she’ll)  be blankie-less.

I cast on the first row of my co-workers mittens, I just don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for it as I did for my first attempt at mittens.  This is mostly due to my ADHD and lack of an attentio….oooo look, a bunny!….attention span.

I’m definitely quitting the Gym though, I just can’t keep going when I’m getting such lousy results.  I think I’m going to save up and buy that neck-tuck I’ve always longed for.  It’s the only way I am going to get rid of my Neck Rolls, they’re genetic, damn family…yet another thing I can curse them for!


Aug 1

Knitting and Mittens and Socks…OH MY!

Oh, total Yarngasm!  The September class schedule just came out for Make One (and I bet you didn’t know the schedule was even in the closet 😉 ).  There are three classes on there I am definitely taking:

Knitting 101 (just to make sure I’m doing everything right);
Socks 101; and
Marvellous Mittens.

The socks and the mittens are on the same day so I get to spend ALLLL day at Make One…such a tragedy.  Though I had better leave my wallet at home!  Although I will have to perhaps increase my stash size prior to classes so that I have nice yarn to work with.

There are, naturally, other classes I want to take.  I’d really love to work with Lace so that I can make gifts for my female family and friends, but I have a feeling I may be in a bit over my head with more than the 3 classes.  However, having said that, I think I may join Year of Lace this year.  Just for the hell of it.

Now I just have to talk oprtv47 into taking the classes too so that we can officially induct him into the Yarnie Circle.

UPDATED NEWSFLASH:  The pattern for Harry Potter House Fair Isle Pouch Bags just came into my life.  All other projects are now officially on hold until my Slytherin bag is completed!!

Jul 31

Quickly Losing My Mind

*SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM*  I hate working.  I hate Work.  I wish I could stay at home, make money and not have to deal with this stress sometimes.

That is all.  You may resume your normal viewing now.

Jul 30

Too Short for Comfort

Had another good night last night, despite the fact that my financial world is crumbling around me.  I decided to go to Make One to make my mind off things and start work on that Cat Sweater for my lawyer.

Before I delve into that I have to admit to a wee bit of lunchtime lunacy.  I decided to hand-wind one of my skeins, it’s a beautiful Crimson Ultramerino from Blue Sky Alpaca.  So soft, I just want to pet it all day long.  I didn’t have anyone to help me by holding it so I just lay it on the bench next to me in the lunch room.  So I start happily winding and everything is going great until a co-worker decides to sit next to me and we get chatting and I get ignoring my skein until lo and behold I have so much yarn-barf that I almost cried.  Thankfully my co-worker grew up in a Yarnie household so she just grabbed the yarn and started to undo the yarn-barf for me as I slowly wound the ball.  Poor girl gave up most of her lunch to help me and ended up with her cream coloured pants covered in crimson coloured fuzz.  Oh well, at least we both got a laugh out of it.

So, anyway, went to make one.  Whipped out my pattern and yarn and made my first knitting gauge swatch, very exciting.  Measured it all up and realized there was far too much math on this pattern for my liking.  Big thanks to mtlaise for helping me work that out, of course by “helping” I mean standing over my shoulder and giving me the answers as I looked dumbfounded at the sheet of paper.

Got my cast-on row going, thanks to LisaWithaZed for showing me a non long tail cast-on.  Got to the end and was then politely told by ladyindica2000 that I was shit outta luck because my only circulars were WAY too long for this to be worked in the round.  So, I’ll have to wait for my knit-picks order to come in before I can carry on with that one.  I hope it’s soon, this yarn is so soft, so pettable…<badgrammar>me wanna play with it more!</badgrammar>

So, I sat there for a while feeling like a plum, not knitting on knit-night.  Some people decided it was a good night for sushi and I was in no mood to disagree so I used the last of my pennies to order some tempura…yummy 😀  birchblanket, aylii and myself went to pick it up.  I enjoyed this walk, it was great to finally get to know birchblanket.  We have chatted online a little and she seemed nice.  I was happy to see that the Real Life birchblanket was just as nice as her online persona :)

It would seem that Make One is becoming my new addiction.  Still, it’s nice to get out of the house.  Gives me a chance to socialise more with my Girls and Doug gets to play his World of Warcraft.  It’s a win-win situation.

Jul 28

Knit 1, Purl 1, Puppy 0

Had a nice weekend with oprtv47 and aylii.  Aylii spent the weekend at our place and we watched cheesy Britcoms and Tasteless American Cartoons (See: http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/shows/showdetails.aspx?sid=3477).  Plus, once oprtv47 had gone to bed, Aylii and I were able to totally geek out and had our own midnight sing-along to some really cheesy but really fun songs.  During all of this Aylii was re-teaching me how to knit, which was interesting since I ended up teaching her how to knit English style since I just don’t get Continental…..at….all.

I was working on a fairly easy project, the Variegated Dog Kerchief from “Men who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them” (ISBN: 1579908748).  I swear to the Goddess I only bought it for the sweater patterns.  However, since the Kerchief was small, fairly straight forward but with a few quirks, I figured it would make a good practice piece.  So I grabbed some old Acrylic and worked away all day on it.  It uses Short-Rows which weren’t that hard to do but there were a few instances where I managed to botch up the wrap-n-turns, they opened up almost like a drop stitch, I think I had wrapped the wrong stitches to make that happen.

Sunday was more of the same, lots of good tv, some classic Doctor Who and then a sing-along to Phantom of the Opera.  Ah the joys of being geeks :)  As I was driving Aylii to the train station we witnessed an idiot on a bike get run-over.  He decided it would be perfectly safe to drive through two lanes of traffic (admittedly one lane was standing still) and he got hit in the second lane by someone that not so still.  Luckily he didn’t look too hurt since the car ended up hitting the back wheel.  A few seconds sooner though and that would have been a nasty accident.

Got home, played some World of Warcraft with oprtv47 (we have a Husband & Wife dwarf team…can you guess who plays the wife? 😉 ) and then he went to watch a movie with his little brother.  I decided I wasn’t quite geeked out enough and watched Revenge of the Sith, reciting all of Palpatine’s lines and hamming it up as much as I could.

Later that night oprtv47 and I were WoWing again when I decided to go check on the puppy.  Lo and behold the little bast*rd had managed to pull my WiP off of the bookcase and dragged it across the living room and up the stairs.  Needless to say half of it was pulled out now and all of my stitchmarkers had dissapeared.  So now I have no clue where I was in the wrap and turns and the work is ruined.  Did I mention I’m REALLY not a dog person?  REALLY REALLY not a dog person?

Jul 23

First Stash

Oh I am SOOOO excited.  I went to the sale with mtlaise, Tannis and Doug.  Had a fantastic day, bought lots at the sale…had to go back in the queue a second time when I saw a really cute book with some great sweater designs. 

Not only did I get the cute book, but I also stocked up for my first Stash!!  Pictures of my stash are available at my Ravelry Profile, http://www.ravelry.com/people/welshboi82 , so please feel free to take a peek.  There are some pictures of my current and past projects there too.

Disaster has struck however.  The lawyer I work for just found out that I crochet and has asked me to make clothing for her cat, she has one of those hairless ones……

Anyway, I guess I’ll need to get practicing on this since I’m sure these designs are way more advanced than I am used to.


Dec 24


Hi there, WelshBoi here!  I should probably tell you a wee bit about myself before continuing. (Please forgive my punctuation errors, the Goddess had to choose whether to make me beautiful or smart…and we all can see the results of that choice 😉 )

I’m 25, going on 5, and was born in one of the most beautiful lands on Earth…Wales.  Why did I leave such a beautiful place?  Well, that’s a long story for another time :)  Suffice it to say Calgary is now my home.  I’m a representative of the more fabulous branch of society and have held many related titles over the years, “The Hopeless Homo”, “The Quirky Queer”, “The Purple Poof” etc, etc.  I live here with my partner Oprtv47, who is the most awesomest person on the planet…although I suppose I am a wee bit biased on that.

I am also a huge Geek, Nerd, Dork…call it what you will.  I’ve rolled those dice, yes THOSE dice.  I’ve emoted that Female Elf Dance to garner as much free gold from hapless teenage boys as I can on WoW (this makes me sound WAY more perverted than I truly am).  I’ve Mudded, Muxed, Mused and Murped.  I even have a +20 Shirt of Smiting and Giant Doctor Who Door Posters! *Geekgasm*.  If you know what any of the above things are, you really can’t comment since you too…are a dork.

I am very obsessive but have the attention span of a fruit fly in heat.  This generally leads to many projects on the go with little completion rates.  This suits me just fine, but drives most other people crazy. 

So, onto my most recently completed project.  It was a comission of sorts, my first commission actually.  Oprtv47 asked me to make a scarf for his Mom for Xmas, this worked out well since she was my Secret Santa victim Giftee this year.  For the yarn I chose….oh….I, uhm, well…don’t remember.  I’m not yet as indoctrinated as the others and can’t identify yarn brands from sight, suffice it to say it was a beautifully soft yarn, with a cream base colour with browns interspersed throughout.  The yarn was purchased from Knit One Yarn Studio, Goddess bless Knit One and all who sail within her!

As you can see from this picture I am still quite new to crochet, though I find it great for someone with a small attention span since it is so fast.  I’m a Crochet Heretic, I don’t like to count my stitches, so naturally the stitches were a wee bit uneven, I ended up with 15 tassels on one end and 11 on the other (lets hope she doesn’t count them!) but through the magic of blocking I was able to make it look fairly even.  One day I will lose the stubbornness and start counting, but really, I crochet because it’s easy and relaxing and having to COUNT?!,  Well, that just takes the fun out of it.

My other project I’m working on is an Afghan, it’s a beautiful rich purple (my fave colour) and a nice red (Oprtv47’s fave colour).  I’m using Red Heart yarn for the afghan, since using nice yarn for something that big would bankrupt me.

Other recently completed projects include a Scarf and Toque (thanks to Perian and Mtlaise for help getting the Toque started) for Oprtv47 of which I will post pics in a post in the new year, and a baby blanket that I crocheted for a co-worker, (modelled beautifully here by Katie Ella herself).  For the baby blanket I used TLC Baby Amoré, it was so soft that now when I go to work with other yarns they feel like sand-paper.

 Merry Xmas all :)

P.S. I was being some-what sarchastic about the Beauty/Smart thing, I’ll leave you to judge that sort of thing for yourself.