Sep 11

The Day is Over!

Yes, you heard right! You’ve seen me blog about projects lingering in UFO status for months and even years. Not this time, though. I started Stephen West’s Daybreak shawl on August 20th. Last night, a mere 3 weeks later, I finished casting off!

The pattern calls for fingering weight, and I chose to do it in laceweight, so I figured I’d have to change it a bit to get a decent size. In the end, I made less changes than I anticipated. The patter includes three sizes, so I did the large size for the initial solid section. By the time I got to 12 stripes, which is how many are called for in the smallest size shawl, I realized it was getting to be a decent size, so I did only two more, placing it somewhere between the small and medium size for that section, then did the full large size border section. In the end, I got a scarf/shawl that is over 46″ wide before blocking, so I’m guessing I’ll have something in the neighbourhood of a 50″ wingspan in the end. And the whole thing ways less than 55 grams, so I can wrap it up under my coat as a scarf without it being too bulky. Yay!

What do you guys think: should I block it like this with soft points, or with a smooth, rounded edge?

PS: Forgive the bad photos; they were taken at night, with bad lighting and a flash. Colour is closest to second photo, though maybe slightly cooler.



Aug 5

I Spin, I knit… Something Else!

Remember that handspun entrelac scarf in my last blog? I really liked how it was looking. You know what I realized though? I really dislike knitting entrelac! I’m thinking I’ll hone my knitting backwards skills, and then try again, but for now the constant turning is too annoying for a project I wanted done in time to submit  in the fall fair’s handspun knits category.

So… time for a new project! Enter the trusty Amanda Hat (Ravelry link). I’ve knit two of these before, and loved them, and I was confident it would be fairly easy to modify the pattern to work with my bulky handspun. And it was! I finished it with enough time to spare that I’m planning on making two other small items before Wednesday’s submission  deadline. It doesn’t look like much right now because it hasn’t been blocked yet, but I’ve had so little knitting to show off lately that I wanted to show you. I like it, although I think this particular pattern looks better in the lighter weight yarns. That’s ok though. It will be warm, and I still have almost 100 grams of handspun left for another project (maybe the Sulka Bulky Hat). Anyway, here’s my very first handspun knitted project!

Feb 4

Finished projects!

That’s right, not just “the knitting is done” but actual finished projects! Granted, they’re small projects, but they’re done nonetheless. The first was a staghorn cable coffee cup cozy I knit up out of a tiny bit of leftover Bernat yarn from years ago. I actually finished the knitting part a week or two ago, but I only stitched it together and wove in the ends at this week’s knit night. The second is the first of my charity knitting for the year: a basic 2×2 ribbed beanie. I don’t have much heavy yarn (my stash is nearly all lace and sock weight), so I went to one of the local shops and picked up a skein of Bernat Jacquards. I’m not usually a fan of self-patterning yarns, but the colours and price both appealed, so I thought I’d try it. As it turns out, knitting it at a different gauge than it calls for breaks up the patterning just a bit – enough that I quite liked the results, and went out to buy a second ball! I finished knitting this one at knit night too, and also wove in all the ends. Woo! I’m on a roll!

Jan 21

My first socks…

May they rest in peace…

I went to put these on earlier this week, and noticed a problem:

These socks – my very first pair –

now look like this:

I’m kind of sad… I didn’t love the yarn as I knit it, and was only moderately happy with the socks when I completed them. I wore them once, and accidentally through them in the dryer, but then, suddenly, they were amazing. They didn’t shrink or felt, but they came out so soft and supple, it was like it was a completely different yarn. All of a sudden, these “meh” socks became “wow” socks! And with that first heel especially, there’s really no point in darning the holes, since the whole heel is thin and worn and about to go.

RIP old friends… you will be missed…

Nov 23

Christmas knitting done!

Dad’s Toe Armour – now complete!

Oct 9

Christmas gift #1!

I’m trying to make Christmas gifts for everyone on my list this year. We’ll see how that goes, since this is only the first complete one, and I haven’t even figured out what the others will be. There may be books in store for the several of them! 😉

At any rate, my first Christmas gift is done, and I even got the ends woven in, which is a big deal for me. Oh, how I hate finishing! I do love this pattern, though; it’s such a fun knit, and quite quick given the worsted weight yarn, and the fact that I can do the cables without a cable needle for this particular one. I used some handspun I purchased at a Fibrefest a few years ago for this Koolhaas for my dad. I like the result: the lines are much softer than they would otherwise be, but the effect is still pleasing, and my dad will love the colour. And yet, now that I think about it, perhaps this could be for my brother in law, while my dad gets some worsted weight socks? Hmmm….

Aug 15

Knitting and Ribbons and Fairs, oh my!

It’s fall fair season! Our little Faking Sanity knit night group submitted several items to the Dawson fall fair this year. I was sad when we went to look at all the handicrafts that there was so little submitted, though. There were so many categories without a single entry.

Given the categories available, and my limited knitting time these days due to long hours at the shop, all I had to submit was a shawl. I finished knitting this one in February this year.

While the shawl design itself is quite simple, I’m proud of this one because I dyed the yarn as well. In a fair with more competition, it might not have gotten much notice, but it was good enough for a third place ribbon in the “fancy knitted sweater or other clothing” category up here in Dawson.

Because I was so dissapointed at the lack of participation in the handicrafts competitions this year, I’ve promised myself to submit something in at least one more category next year (hopefully more). Now, it’s your turn! I’m challenging the rest of our little group to do the same. Half the fun of the fair was walking through the buildings to see all the exhibits that were there. Let’s make sure we do our part so that these competitions and exhibits continue in the years to come!

Feb 26

It’s done! And blocking!

My first real dye job became my first real shawl. I’ve blogged about it a few times: when I first started it, and again recently when I picked it up again. I finally finished it last week, and tonight I went up to perian’s to block it. I start a lot of projects, but don’t finish them very quickly or very often, so some of you may wonder if this is true. However, I’ve come prepared! Here’s the proof!

This hand-dyed yarn:

Became this lump of yarn:

And finally became this shawl:

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It wasn’t much yarn (100 grams of fingering weight), so I knew it would be a very small shawl. In the end, it blocked out to 49″ wide and just over 20″ deep. I was desperately hoping it would make it to 48″, so this is as much as I could have hoped for. There are a couple of obvious mistakes I noticed much too late to fix (or to fix relatively quickly, at any rate), but an old friend once told me that if you couldn’t see a mistake from the back of a galloping horse, it wasn’t worth fixing, so… if you see them, just whoosh past your screen at a good gallop, and magically, the mistakes will disappear! :)

Apr 4

Wow, it’s been a while!

Just realized it had been over a month since I last blogged. I haven’t been knitting much, to be honest, as I’ve started working again, and had some really good books to keep me company when I wasn’t. That being said, I did manage to finish my Tudor Grace scarf. I even wove in the ends! I just have to block it, and send it off to my gramma:

Day 6

I’ve also made some progress on some bus knitting recently. It’s a simple stockinette sock, in a very bright-for-me Regia 4-ply sock yarn, but I’m quite enjoying it:

Spring Greenery Sock

Jan 28

new work

well to make a bit of cash I am trying to sell a few of the toys that I have crocheted since I have been bored to death at home not working. I hope I can get pictures up this time

there’s a few more but they are too big for adding

Jan 12

I’m seeing red!


hederas jan12,2010

I even wove in the end at the toe, which no one would see. And can you believe I left in a couple of errors (intentionally!) that I thought wouldn’t be too noticeable?! These aren’t blocked, and they’re fairly large socks sitting on small sock blockers, so the lace pattern isn’t really opened up or even and the heels look baggy. I do love them, though, and they fit my feet better than the blockers, so I’m already wearing them!

Of course, I had to change up the pattern a bit… I can’t imagine doing the full length of the heel flap called for in this pattern. I know I have a fairly low rise/arch and shallow heel, but these are still nearly too long in the heel and a little baggy in the midfoot, and I reduced the heel flap by 12 rows (36 rather than the 48 called for). I also lengthened the ribbed cuff by a couple of rounds, and carried the twisted stitch between the lace repeats up into the toe for a subtle extension of the pattern.

I’m sure I’ll make these again someday. It was a really fast knit, given how little I was knitting this winter, and the pattern was easy and fun. The next time, I think I’ll reduce the heel flap by an additional 4 rows or use a short-row heel, and knit them toe-up, with the toe being much more rounded (my first socks had a very square toe like these, and it just doesn’t look as nice to me).

Jan 8

I am alive and am crafting really I am

Well it’s been a really long time since I have been on here and I have been crafting just not posting about it I made all of the Christmas prezzies this year. I made a slouchy hat and a scarlet for David’s sister Debbie and a pair of slipper socks for his sister Donna nothing knit for the mom though this year.

Now I am making little crocheted toys for my little girl a little late for Christmas but I didn’t have the time during that season to get them done they are now done and will be sent as soon as possible for her.
I want to post pictures but am having issues doing it once I figure it out again I will post pictures.

Dec 4

You knew it was coming…

I tore out my sock…

I got to the heel flap the other night, and noticed an error (I skipped two rows in the pattern repeat). I decided to leave it due to the fact that it was on the front of the sock, and would land right where the ankle meets the leg, and wouldn’t be very visible. Those who know me well know just how big a deal that was for me. Then, as I was finishing up the heel flap, I noticed a major error right up near the cuff of the sock on the other side. It was just too much! So, I tore the whole thing out and started over; I’m now working on the cuff again, but much happier!

Nov 22

It’s done!

Have I mentioned how bored I get with knitting rib? Oh, well… maybe I’ll remember before I start another project. Despite being sick of knitting the Man-Scarf, which will now go to my sister for Christmas instead, I love how it turned out. It’s simple, clean, and this yarn is super-squishy and soft. And while I can take awesome scenery photos, I’m just not very good at the still-life and/or object shots; nonetheless, here is a giant roll of black alpaca!

non-man scarf done

And, now the yarn I have on the stove is beeping, so I’m off to check on my dyeing. Watch for a new batch of Faking Sanity yarns at Make One in the near future.

Oct 10


Just finished the socks! I cut the yarn to do a sewn bind off, then realized I had done an elastic bind off on the first sock, which takes way more yarn (and doesn’t need to be cut first. oops). I ended up running out of yarn with about 10 stitche to go, so I picked out the bind off, joined the ball back in, and finished up. I even wove in the end! The angle of the shot and the way they were stretched over the blockers makes the top one look longer… it’s actually about one row shorter, but I figure that’s close enough. Just don’t tell the recipient!

magic socks done

Aug 14


Surprisingly enough, I have actually been knitting this summer, even if I haven’t been posting about it!  First, there was some garter stitch — not the most fascinating thing to photograph.  Then there was some present knitting — couldn’t talk about it because it was for one of this blog’s co-authors and presumably she reads it, even if she doesn’t post (hint, hint.)  And of course I gave the present to her before taking pictures (or, you know, sewing in the ends!  And she won’t give them back so that I can.  Lose a present that you’re finishing once and they never let you forget it!)  And then there was some baby pressies that are waiting for finishing (have I mentioned lately that I hate finishing?  I’d rather untangle a skein of yarn for someone else than sew together a sweater!)

But!  I did complete something!  (Well, except for sewing in the ends.  But really, they’re socks.  I can just tuck the ends in once I have them on…)

Pattern: Kaylee by Monkey Toes
Yarn: Fireside Superwash Sock in Greens
(dyed by the incomparable SpinKnit, the Fiber Queen)

I’ve been working on them in little tiny spurts for almost a year now and they’ve remained favourites the entire time.  I didn’t even swear at them!

Jul 22

The Clapotis, she is done!

Finally! Well, technically, I still have an end to weave in, but I’m calling it done. I love the colour and drape of this. Debating whether it’s a bit too large for my grandma now, as she doesn’t get up and about much any more. It’s her 90th birthday this fall, though, so I still have time to decide if I should make something smaller and more practical or send this home.
clapotis july 2009 -2 clapotis drape clapotis july 22

Jun 21


The corn socks for the roommie are done! I just finished kitchenering the second toe, and she hasn’t taken them off long enough for me to weave in the end at the cuff, so I guess that means they’re ok! :)

corn socks for roommie

I also bought a skein of Sandnes Garn Sisu yesterday for a mini-Koolhaas.  I think I may make a few of these, because the thought of baby and kid-sized Koolhaas hats is just way to cute. For now, I’m off to swatch as I bought a thinner yarn than the worsted-weight the pattern calls for, but I’ll have to play with the stitch count as well to get an appropriate size.

Apr 13

Koolhaas Krazy

If you’ve been anywhere near me in the last 5 months, you’ll probably be very aware that I have a little hard on for Jared Flood’s Koolhaas pattern.  It started when I knit one for my brother-in-law for Christmas (Cascade Ecological):

And then I made one for me (Sheep Shop Sheep One) and one for a friend (Manos Wool Clasica):

The latest one I had even more fun with, since I also dyed the yarn for it.  I started with some lovely Custom Woolen Mills mulespun worsted and ended up with a pretty damn cool hat, if I do say so myself:

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your own head?  Bah!  Though I do love seeing the backgrounds (despite having to delete the ones that make us look like complete and utter slobs.)  For instance, the stack of Munchkin boxes, Joshua Malina as Will Bailey on my computer screen (damn West Wing has sucked me in again), and my collection of geek DVDs (Stargate, Doctor Who, Buffy, Lord of the Rings, etc.)

Feb 22

I finished a fiber-related project!  I haven’t really been in the mood to knit or crochet lately (probably because I have a backlog of Christmas presents on the needles and the guilt is making me procrastinate) but mtlaise dyed up this tiny skein of yarn a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t resist doing some Tunisian crochet with it.  The speed of crochet, the suppleness of knitting, and the look of weaving…

Ta da!  Easy peasy iPod cover.  The seam on this one isn’t perfect, so it’s for me, but I thought I might do up some for the store.  Dunno if anyone would be interested.

I also had to share my super-duper photo setup I had going this afternoon, trying to get decent pictures of my chainmail bracelets:

Excuse the blurriness, I had to take it with my old, icky camera.  That is a bracelet on a Irish Cream bottle (not empty!) on a Doctor Who book, up against a footstool, all on top of a computer table.  It prompted a discussion on just how big of a lush I will have to become to have a liquor bottle big enough for a necklace shot.

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