Jan 6

mother in law shawl

I got a call the other day from Dave’s mom just to say hi and she mentioned that she has been wearing the shawl that I made her everyday since she got it anywhere she goes. It’s awsome that she loves it so much she finds it nice and warm which it was meant to be so yay. Now I have to re start my sweater and a few other projects that I have in mind I am going to busy.

Dec 20

Christmas gifts

I finally finished all my Christmas gifts that I was making for my family and sent them off yesterday through greyhound I hope they get there in time for Christmas eve I want the kids to be able to open them for christmas not afterwards. All the other Christmas shopping has finally been finished and now all I have to do is wrap everything and put them under the tree. I also have to start making one more Christmas gift that unfortunately will be late in getting there for Christmas (sorry Mar). I promise they will get there this year though.

Dec 3

The World and a Pair of Socks

It’s been a crazy week of double-shifts, so there hasn’t been much knitting or computer time lately. That being said, I’ve been slowly making my way through the blogs of the people who responded to my yarn naming contest, and in the process, found something truly inspiring to the geek in me: a crocheted discworld! Check it out here.

Now, I know socks seem pretty minor compared to an entire world, but I finally finished my Dad’s socks! I knit them based on the old sample sock he sent me, but these have a fair bit more negative ease in the leg especially. Hopefully, that will be ok. Now, I’m just waiting for the gift I ordered for my brother in law to arrive, and then I can send off my Christmas package for my entire family.

christmas socks for dad

And with my mandatory Christmas knitting done, this weekend, at the end of my contest, I can start dyeing more yarn right away. Merry Christmas to me!

Nov 12

Shawls and Toques and Mitts Oh my

The shawl was finished a few days ago and is already washed and blocked  pictures are coming soon . In the mean time  I have been knitting a new pair of mitts for me and a toque now  that the  winter season is starting up here  I will try and get  pictures of me wearing them when I can.

Oct 19

Non-Knit Night

While Saturday evenings are usually filled with friends, TV and knitting, this weekend, we upped the geek quotient a notch or two…We only knit a bit while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, as we were planning on RPGing. For the record, “Torg of the Rings” is a ridiculously funny campaign, and adapting it to the Munchkin RPG was hysterical. Along with our seriously geeky game, we had a seriously geeky cake: a pumpkin patch – complete with candy pumpkins and dirt – surrounded by green grass and overrun with giant gummy worms. I laughed so hard, I just had to show you guys. There are even vines on the pumpkins, and eyes on the worms! Thanks, Doug!

wormy pumpkin patch cake

In knitting-related news, I finally finished my Mom’s christmas hat… Not great pics – as usual – but I’m quite pleased with it. It’s the same pattern as the recent charity hat I posted about, but with a few modifications to make it deeper. I think she’ll like it; I hope so, at any rate… Tonight, I also started the “final version” of my Dad’s Christmas gift: A 3×1 ribbed sock in Louet Gems Sport in Bluebird. I’m so glad I changed my mind about the yarn… A Sport weight yarn knits up so much faster – It’s not much to look at yet, but I’ve already got over 3″ done. I may actually finish this before Christmas!

Amanda Hat for MomLouet Sock for Dad

Oct 9

Sometimes you just have to go Awwwww

I just had an incredible moment.  I made a baby blanket a year ago for a co-worker, it was my first completed crochet project.  You can read about it and view pictures in my very first posting here on Twisted Stitches.

Well, my co-worker was in today for a visit and brought the baby.  Not only did it hold together after all this time but Katie drags it everywhere with her, not letting it out of her sight ever!  Wheeee!  She likes her Blankie!! :)

Oct 5

charity hat – take 2

Well, as some of you know, this week’s first attempt at a charity hat was… well… creative. The second attempt – with a pattern – went much more smoothly. See? This is the Amanda Hat (Ravelry link) by SleepyEyesKnitting. I kind of like it; I think I’ll make another one – a bit longer – for my mom for Christmas.

amanda hat -2

amanda hat - top

Oct 1

Knitting and spinning and cooking… oh my!

I posted that post and then realized that I had more to say!  Because not only have I been knitting, I’ve been spinning.  Long, long ago I spun up some gorgeous red fiber on my drop spindle and I actually put it to good use:

Hand Spun Mitts

They’re uber short (and used every last inch of yarn!) but I’m so proud of them.  My very first project out of my own handspun!  Since then Sherry, one of the lovely ladies who hangs out at  M1, lent me an Ashford Joy wheel and I’ve been thoroughly drafted (sorry, one must pun when one can) to the spinning side.  I’ve tried a few different fibers, though the only one I thought to take a picture of was this one:

Tricolour Browns 1

It’s a 3-ply using the fiber that came in the Louet kit with my drop spindle.  There are a few icky spots but all-in-all it turned out faboo.  I decided that the colour just wasn’t me, but Mike liked it so it was immediately gifted.

In completely non-fiber-related news, I cooked last night!

Ham & Kidney Bean Soup

I don’t cook.  Unless you consider making Kraft Dinner cooking.  But this?  This is homemade Ham & Kidney Bean soup.  It was yummy and has made me want to cook more often.  Unfortunately, I have no ideas.  I look through cookbooks and nothing seems all that appealing.  Anyone have any good recipes for me?  Or, y’know, want the recipe for this?

Oct 1

Long time, no…

hank goodness for my blogging buddies or it would have been mightly quiet around here for the past few months!  Life has been good, if extremely busy.  But I have accomplished some knitting:

Limbo Socks 6

Name: Limbo Socks
Pattern: Basic toe-up sock
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock
Notes: I saw AnnaRose working on a pair of these (obviously based on the Noro Striped Scarf) and I couldn’t resist making a pair for myself.  Sock #1 was knit entirely while waiting to hear if I got my dream job and Sock #2 was knit while working my ass off at said job.  Not surprisingly, I was a little less tense while knitting Sock #2, so it’s about half an inch too long.  I may just have to rip back the toe and reknit it.

Edgewater Socks 4

Name: River’s Edge
Pattern: Basic toe-up sock, using the Rushing Rivulet stitch pattern from
Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Edgewater

Lynda's Mitts 2Lynda's Mitts 3

Name: Lynda’s Opera Gloves (aka OMG THOSE ARE SO VERY VERY PINK!)
Pattern: Marquise Gauntlets by Sarah Bales
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk in Guava
Notes: You wouldn’t believe how much I bitched about the colour of these while I was knitting them (I must confess that I hate pink with a passion), but I ended up loving the end product.  They are just sooooo my sister.  And I have enough yarn left over to make Aylii a pair for Christmas.

So much for finished objects.  On the needles I’ve got a whole bunch of projects in stockinette hell, two lace projects that are moving slower than a glacier, and these socks:

Kaylee Socks 1

which I love with an unholy (but not un-holey) glee.  I’m using yarn hand-dyed by the wonderous Spinknit, the Fiber Queen and the pattern is Kaylee by MommaMonkey.  I’ve been waiting for months for the pattern to be available again and I am loving it so, so much!

And last, but not least, I participated in my very first sock swap!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the socks I knit for TangledArts, but I have a picture of the lovely, smooshy, warm sock that Sandra made for me:

Socks from Sandra 3

Aren’t they great?

Sep 14


gull wing socks, sept 13 2008I was going to wait until I had given away the swap socks to post pictures, but based on an email I received from my intended recipient, I think she’s away for longer than I thought…

I finished these on Saturday. I decided not to block them right away, because I wanted to bring them in to the store today so at least someone could vouch for the fact that I had them done at least on the same weekend they were due. I’m a dork, I know… :)

It’s so nice to just hang out there. I even got to help someone with a project error she couldn’t figure out, which just kind of makes you feel good, you know? At any rate, here is a pic of the socks on a nearly-the-same-size-foot model. I hope they end up fitting, especially since they were late. I don’t feel quite so bad about missing the deadline since I found out I wasn’t the only one, but still…

Aug 5

2 FO’s and 1 WIP

Yes, it’s true: I have finished not one, but *two* projects. This is unheard of! To the left you see the Rose Wristwarmers. Or is that Wrist Warmers? I’ve never been able to figure that one out. But yes, they are complete! I am so very in love with these, too – I love the pattern, I love the yarn, I love the way they feel when I’m wearing them. I almost want the weather to turn cold enough that I can wear these out without looking the fool… almost. (I don’t think there’s anything fantastic enough out there to make me like winter.

And, the second FO. The Britain Socks. After two years, they are complete. Yep, I bollocksed them up a couple times, but honestly, at this point, I think it’s just better that I’ve finished them. Even with the issues, though, I do love them. I’m happy with them. And like I said on Ravelry, it’s not so much that I love the individual components of the socks (the yarn, the pattern, etc), but I love what they represent, what they remind me of. Yes, I could have done without the mad search for dpns after losing a couple somewhere in Scotland, and the unexpected monsoon that accompanied aforementioned search, but every time I put on these socks, I’ll remember how much fun I had. And isn’t that the most important thing

And now, my new WIP. Originally titled Helmcken Falls (due to the stitch pattern and a waterfall back home), they’re now being called Rainbow Chips. Because, as oprtv47 pointed out, the yarn is more than a little reminiscent of rainbow chip frosting. Mmm, frosting.

Dammit, now I want cupcakes.

They’re toe-up socks, which is a bit of a departure for me. I like the fact that toe-up socks can be tried on as you go, but I’ve never been fond of the way the ends of the toes seem so… boxy, for lack of a better word. There may be a way around this – I’ve only ever made toe-up socks using the W&T method – but I really do prefer the pointiness I seem to get from cuff-down socks. But these socks are cute, and that’s all that matters :-D.

Jul 10


Since I haven’t been working yet cuz I’ve been taking care of the kiddo I’ve been knitting like crazy. I recently decided that I was going to knit all my sisters socks for Christmas ans since normally I have second sock syndrome I thought I would start now. Well I seem to have gotten over the second sock syndrome by knitting lace socks. Weird I know but it seems to have worked I finished my first pair the other day (Fawkes) and have started on a second pair ( Coupling) already and am almost done the first one of that as well. I am loving the lace socks it’s weird and I have learned to read charts something I thought I would have a lot of difficulty with. I am more the likely not going to be knitting too much this weekend considering my honey has the whole weekend off and we are going to doing things. I will get more done next week if I don’t have a job by then, I am going to be alone most of the time from now on, the munchkin is going to camp and then back to her mom’s and Dave will be working. I will post pics later

Jun 19

Baby booties

Ailleen\'s booties

baby booties

I finished the pair of baby booties that I started for Ailleen’s new baby they are so very cute in the pink though I hate pink I have a ton of yarn left over so I may look at something else small to make with the left over yarn though probably not for Ailleen’s baby just a random child maybe have no clue.

Jun 16

Oh So Wicked!

Finally have pictures of my Wicked. While this was the second sweater I started, it’s the first I have finished. I’m actually very, very proud of it (despite hating pictures of me in it.)

Blue Wicked #3

Pattern: Wicked by Zephyr Style
Yarn: Araucania Pomaire in Dark Blue

I made all sorts of modifications to it, including waist and hip shaping and short row bust shaping. The biggest problem I had with it was the length of the arm holes — I basically ended up making a size or two smaller than I had planned.

Jun 15

Endings and beginnings

sole latte socks complete

My second ever pair of socks… done! Even finished weaving in all the ends! They’re really basic – just a 2×2 rib on the instep and ankle, with a 1×1 rib for the leg, but I like them. There are some pretty obvious mistakes, and bad placement for increases, but since these will just be bed socks, I’m not too concerned about that.

I also cast on my next pair of socks today while at Make One. We’ll see if they get torn out and started on a different needle size, or if this works out ok… It’s the Fawkes pattern (Ravelry link) by Monkey Toes. I got to try on the roommie’s version, and I really liked them, so they went on my queue pretty quickly. I’m using the red Araucania Ranco I bought last week, and am really liking it so far. These will be my carry along knitting project for now. I’m also planning on casting on Monkey Toes’ Carolina pattern tonight. They should deal well with my variegated sock yarns. I have to swatch, but I’m thinking these will be done two at a time on two circs, using the Cocoa Kiss Dream in Colour I picked up a while back.

first handdyed

Finally, I reskeined my handdyed stuff to see the colours better, and have narrowed down what I’ll make with it to three choices:

a) Sivia Harding’s Diamond Fantasy Shawl

b) Sandy Wiseheart’s Summer Lace Shawlette (Ravelry link)

c) Ilga Leja’s Diamonds on the Diagonal Scarf

Jun 7

Finally did it…

I finally bit the bullet. Tonight, I pulled out the slippers that I finished knitting weeks ago (Knitted Moccasin Slippers by Sue Norrad), and decided to finish seaming and weaving in ends.

slippers may 13

slippers complete -2

I’ve also been working on my Vero mitts (Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes). I finished knitting the bodies of the third and fourth mitts, and completed the thumbs and all finishing on the first two as well. Making two pair of the Maine Morning Mitts out of my Vero yarn seemed like a good idea initially… I’ve been rethinking the wisdom of it though. First, it has an extremely long colour repeat, which is a bit annoying for someone like me who is picky about matching the mitts. Second, I hate finishing, so the thumbless versions still on needles and cables just sat there for a while. I was actually prompted to finish at least two for a very compelling reason: our apartment has been, on average, about 15 degrees, so I needed mitts to wear inside! Here are both the completed ones and those still in progress:

vero mitt 1 complete -2

vero mitt 2 complete

vero mitt 4

vero mitt 3

Jun 6

Fall Leaves and River Water

Another post from me! Shocking, ain’t it? And the really shocking thing is that I even have another FO to show off. I made two scarfs last fall, one for me and one that was supposed to be a Christmas pressie for a friend. If you know me at all, you won’t be surprised that it is now June and I’m just getting around to blocking them now.

Fall Scarf #1

Pattern: Stolen Moments Wrap by Amy Swenson (heavily modified)
Yarn: Claudia’s Handpainted Fingering in Boot Camp

And I finally settled on a stitch pattern for my River’s Edge socks and I’ve gotten all sorts of lovely compliments on them from the m1 yarnies:

River's Edge Sock #2

Jun 3

Finished *and* blocked!

Didn’t feel like going out of the house today, so I skipped knit night and spent the day blocking FOs, photographing stash and updating projects on Ravelry. I still don’t have pictures of my Wicked, but I do have another FO to show off.

Swallowtail #3

Pattern: Swallowtail Shawl [ravelry link] by Evelyn Clark
Yarn: Curious Creek Wasonga in Glacier Lakes (1 skein)

I also finished my first two pairs of socks in the last couple of weeks. I am now madly in love with handknit socks and have started another pair. These ones are just basic socks, one toe-up, one top-down, both with afterthought heels.

Fuzzy Socks Black Parade Socks

Pattern: Vaguelly based on Amy’s Universal Toe-up Sock Formula
Yarns: Estelle Arequipa in Red and Black
Dream in Color Smooshy in Black Parade

May 17

I finished something! And maybe started a new project… or two

1st sock complete may 17,08tofutsies socks completeI’ve completely finished my very first sock, and it fits perfectly. Woo! I guess I should admit that I thought I had the Kitchener stitch thing down, but I was a bit turned around on my understanding of it, so I finished this last night only because my roommate is awesome and showed me how to do it properly.

I also brought my Pomaire to Make One yesterday, and started swatching for Green Gable. I’ve now got about 3/4″ complete on that, and I really like the colour so far. I took perian’s advice and started alternating from two skeins right from the beginning; I’m glad because one of the skeins was a lot lighter than the others, which I hadn’t noticed when I purchased them. It should work out this way though, since the difference will be muted by the alternating skein, and if it still looks a bit lighter, it will look somewhat natural in that the shirt will get darker as it progresses, as opposed to a random section that appears lighter somewhere in the middle.

Since my socks were my transit project, I also spent a bit of time perusing sock patterns on Ravelry. In the end, I decided to try my hand at a basic sock “pattern” that’s in my head, where the ribbing starts on the top center of the foot, reaching further and further around each row until it goes all the way around the foot about an inch above the heel. We’ll see if it works out.

sole latteRummaging through my stash, I found a few sock yarn options… I chose the Rosarios4 Sole Latte, which was an impulse buy from last summer. Here’s a pic, since I can never describe this colour – green? teal? It’s very pretty at any rate. The thing that got me was that it was made with 100% milk fibers. Have you ever seen dairy look so good? It’s so silky soft, too, and it’s really nice to work with so far. I just finished the toe on one sock, and now I’m off to pub knit night.

May 14

Winter Toe-warmers, Summer Shirts and… Christmas gifts?

Although the weather has warmed up outside, our apartment is still freezing most of the time, and my old slippers bit the dust last week. So. Slipper patterns. Do you know how hard it is to find a slipper that isn’t dainty/girly or felted, for adult sizes? Sheesh. I finally settled on the Knitted Moccasin Slippers.

slippers may 13

The designer says they’re supposed to be very stretchy. Mine matches her stated gauge, but either is a lot denser or the yarn is just generally less stretchy than the one she used, as it’s a bit tight for me. I think I’ll make the second one in the next size up, and then decide which to rip out, and whether they’ll be for me or my sister (handy to know someone with one size smaller feet than you).

This was so fast to knit! I finished the first one over a few hours on Sunday and Monday. I’m a slow knitter to start and I tend to prefer finer yarns, so progress for me is usually slow. These recommend a worsted-weight yarn, held two-stranded. I had forgotten how fast knitting can be, even for me, when using yarn that’s so much more bulky. Hmm… Maybe it’s time to start my next project, which is worsted weight.

I broke down this weekend while at Make One. I had said I wouldn’t make any more yarn purchases until after I was working and my retreat was paid off, but I’ve been craving a summer knit, and one preferably made of something other than wool. I was sitting on the couch knitting and chatting, and the Green Gable pattern on the table jumped up at me. Really! It’s such a simple, cute shirt. I ended up (finally) getting a VIP membership, and buying enough Araucania Pomaire cotton for the project. It’s a gorgeous range of purples. Wee! Oh, and I also got a skein of the new Avery Allison Yarn in Citrus – oranges and pinks – to make a little something for my niece.

araucania pomaireavery allison - citrus

Now, I just need to figure out what to make for my grandma. I had mentioned I was learning to spin and bought some bamboo fiber. She was fascinated by the idea of bamboo yarn, and asked if I could knit her something. My grandma has been knitting for over 60 years. It’s a little intimidating to think of knitting something for her; I feel like it has to be perfect (even more than my usual compulsive feeling about this). Besides that I have no idea what to make her. I guess I have a few months to figure it out, but I’ll have to start sooner than later since I’m such a slow knitter. At least I won’t have to spin enough for a project first, since Sandra mentioned they’ll be getting in some bamboo at the store over the next few months.

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