Mar 1

Olympic standings

No Olympic golds for me. I didn’t even come close to finishing the gift knitting I had planned for the Ravelympics. However, today, I found a better yarn for dad’s Christmas socks that will be much better suited to the project.

I’ve also gotten over 2 feet of my Tudor Grace knit up. It’s not what I had planned, but I’m enjoying the knit, and it turns out that I’ll be seeing my Grandma this spring, so I’d love to finish this one in order to give it to her as a gift.

Feb 24

Day 13

Wow. So much for a daily update. To be frank, though, it’s probably better this way. A photo of a scarf with an extra repeat or two each day is… let’s say less than impressive. Despite great expectations of tons of knitting over the Olympics, I haven’t really been in a knitting mood lately. Yesterday, however, I did finish the first ball of yarn in my new Tudor Grace scarf from my last posts. I love this pattern. Have I mentioned that? I think I’ll probably dye up some of my yarn and use this as a shop sample; it seems to show off semi-solids very nicely.

On the dyeing front, things have been pretty quiet since the accident (couldn’t lift the pots, etc). However, I’m planning on another batch of yarns for local shops, and possibly some extra for my Etsy shop or forĀ  a booth at some markets over the summer. I’m also very excited to be starting a new sweater dyeing project in the next few days – a deep red semi-solid/varigated colourway in our Faking Sanity Hope yarn (a squishy, soft, superwash aran weight yarn with high twist). We’re hopefuly having a colour consult this weekend, and then the dyeing will commence!

Feb 18

Day 7

I watched no Olympics today (I’m about to watch a bit now before bed). However, I did a fair bit of knitting this morning before work, as well as a bit tonight while watching some Aussie hilarity.. I’ve now got 20 repeats done on my Tudor Grace – nearly a skein of yarn, so just over a third complete, unless I decide to lengthen the scarf andĀ  use all of this yarn. It’s so lovely! I’m thinking of giving it to my grandma, since the clapotis I had knit for her last year was too large and unwieldy for her now (and apparently, I have switched from sock mood, to scarf and/or lace mood; those socks were just not happening). Pics tomorrow, as this colour is just too tough to capture acurately with artificial light.

Feb 17

Day 6

After three separate attempts at a new way to reinforce my dad’s socks, I finally decided to put themt aside. As a racer many years ago, I gave up downhill to focus on the gs and super g skiing competitions. I see this in the same light. I will continue them on, but I think I will go looking for a different type of reinforcing nylon for them.

In the interim, my new plans for the Ravelympics will be to work on some dyeing and to try and the 2nd edition of Tudor Grace I started a few weeks ago (the one to replace that which was lost in the great car crash of 2010). It really is a great pattern. Easy to memorize, and really lovely. Here it is in Alchemy Bamboo (the colour is Scarlett’s Dark Secret):

Day 6

Feb 14

Day 3

No FO’s and no pictures today, but another medal from Kristina Groves in speed skating, and Canada’s first Gold from Alexandre Bilodeau. How inspiring, too, to hear him talk about his brother. Now, we have a set – one of each!

On the knitting front, I had planned to knit my dad’s socks with reinforcing nylon just before the heel, and through the whole heel. I hated the way it looked, though, and I wasn’t convinced it would add any additional durability. So, after a few hours break, and a few hours of detangling the nylon (it was stretchy and kinky, and a pain to rip out), I started over at 6″ on the foot, and found a toe-up slip stitch heel with gusset, which I am about 6 rows into. I’ll finish the heel and start the leg tomorrow.

Feb 13

Day 2 recap

Today, I watched ski jumping, several men’s and women’s speed skating events, women’s hockey, some men’s luge runs, and some ladies moguls.

Canada’s own Jenn Heil won our first medal of these games in Ladies’ Freestyle Moguls tonight, and the Canadian ladies hockey team won its first game as well.

My own accomplishments were meager: 6 1/4 ” of the foot of a sock. I also suffered my first injury of these games – a blister on the finger I carry/wrap my yarn with – but I soldiered on!

Day 2 progress -2

Feb 13

Opening Ceremonies

I had grand plans to go to a big cast on party last night at Make One, and get a bunch of knitting done over the course of the opening ceremonies.

I ended up not feeling great, so we decided to stay home, and I watched the ceremonies online (if you don’t have cable, check out – streaming the Olympics free anywhere in Canada). I got distracted a bit… ok a lot. I ended up doing knitting only a toe!

I’ve decided though, that I’ll be documenting my progress through these Ravelympics, so here is the toe of my father’s next sock:

Day 1 Progress

Jan 24

Sommersaults and Lost Projects

Well, the project from the last post will forever remain a WIP. On a trip to see the Snowed in Comedy Tour, we rolled our car, and my knitting bag was found, but my knitting remained somewhere near Ponoka… Sad, I really liked the project. I may have to try it again out of my Handmaiden Sea Silk.

On the “upside”, we were incorporated into two separate comedians’ sets. The evening highlight was at the end of the evening, when we got to meet Ed Byrne, who asked again to make sure we were all ok. Sweet, and a funny, funny man. See?

Snowed in Comedy Tour 2010

Of course, the wine, painkillers and A535 when we got back to the hotel room were also welcome, and possibly, just as big of a highlight.

Jan 19

Faking Sanity Gracefully?

I had a skein of some Faking Sanity Compulsion that I had kept to knit a sample from, and this weekend, I finally pulled it out again. The yarn is a superwash 100% merino ranging from pink to deep red. I was browsing sock patterns, since that seems to be what I’m in the mood to knit these days, but on Saturday, I stumbled upon Anne Hanson’s Tudor Grace pattern again, and decided to give it a try.

I did a few gauge swatches and started on it this Sunday, so it’s not very far a long, but I think I’m liking the results so far:

Faking Sanity before Grace:
FakingSanity Compulsion

Faking Sanity Gracefully?
tudor grace

Dec 15

It’s done!

Well, one sock is done… but it’s completely finished – even the ends are woven in! See?

red hedera and a shoe headera and my big foot red hedera

Dec 4

You knew it was coming…

I tore out my sock…

I got to the heel flap the other night, and noticed an error (I skipped two rows in the pattern repeat). I decided to leave it due to the fact that it was on the front of the sock, and would land right where the ankle meets the leg, and wouldn’t be very visible. Those who know me well know just how big a deal that was for me. Then, as I was finishing up the heel flap, I noticed a major error right up near the cuff of the sock on the other side. It was just too much! So, I tore the whole thing out and started over; I’m now working on the cuff again, but much happier!

Nov 28

Finally, some knitting!

I know I should work on one of my many 1/2 finished projects, but none was appealing right now, so I started a new pair of Hedera’s in the most awesome red. The yarn is Berocco Sox… I don’t typically buy acrylic for socks, but I wanted to try this stuff out. Their yarns have gotten a lot better recently, I must say. I’m about half way down the leg, so I’ll probably have to decide soonish whether these will be for my sister or for me.

red hederas

Nov 9

66.66% complete!

There hasn’t been much posting lately as the Dork Squad was hit with several bouts of the flu, which also means there hasn’t been much knitting. That being said, yesterday I joined in the last ball of yarn for the ribbed scarf I was making. I was hoping to buy a fourth ball and make it for my brother in law, but the LYS is all out, so it will be a bit shorter, and for my sister instead. Well, actually, I also knit a few rows on it at Annarose’s last night… maybe 4 or 5 rows in an hour and a half… I’m really not quite up to par yet. Just before I got sick, I had also picked up the Summer Solstice cardigan again. I finally got past the wonky back/shoulder, and started on the sleeve.

Oct 24

sweater progress

Can’t you tell??

summer solstice oct 24

The construction of this piece is so bizarre. You work the right shoulder first down to the back yoke shaping, then pick up for the right sleeve and knit that. Then, you go back to the live stitches at the center back, pick those up, and start knitting the left side of the yoke and shaping, and the left sleeve. After that you pick up the bottom edge of the yoke, and knit down to the bottom of the cardigan, and finally, you pick up stitches all the way around the edge of the cardigan to add a shawl collar band.

I like the finished look, so I’m happy to continue, but it is odd not being able to see the shape and sizing until the end. I did a thorough gauge swatch though, and I’m bang on, so hopefully the fit will work out.

I’ve now finished the whole right shoulder and back shaping areas, and am getting ready to start the first sleeve momentarily. My first sleeve! Wee! Well, maybe not today… we’ll see… I’ve been feeling miserable the past couple of days; I think I’ve picked up a case of the flu.

Oct 16

I won! I won!

A friend recently posted a bit of a contest on her blog, and was looking for suggestions for a good workhorse yarn. I had to pipe in with my love of Lambs Pride Superwash. I don’t like the original – the mohair, it is not my friend – but the superwash is awesome. It isn’t shiny or silky, but if you’re looking for a smooth, non-itchy yarn that is machine washable, holds up well to frogging/reknitting and washing, has awesome heathered and solid colourways and is relatively inexpensive, get thee to a yarn store to buy some, post haste!

As for the winning part, well, that may be a bit of a stretch: no one else posted a suggestion, so I won by default. So, if you don’t already read it, go grab some gingersnaps with tea.

On the knitting front, there isn’t much going on.

I keep procrastinating about resoling the socks I made my Dad for Christmas last year. He completely blew out the heel (seriously, I can stick my fist through the hole), so he’ll get the same socks again this Christmas, with double-knit soles and specific instructions: “if you walk on gravel in hand knit socks with no shoes, you will not get any more hand knit socks!”

I’m still knitting on the very basic 2×2 ribbed alpaca scarf. Not very impressive to photograph, but I just finished the first ball of yarn today at lunch.

As for the Summer Solstice cardigan? I was able to get a clarification on the instructions, so I have 5 rows to rip back, and then I can pick this up again… perhaps that will be this weekend’s project… because, really, who needs to work on Christmas knitting?

Oct 12

gift blogging

There are days I’m very thankful that my family are not particularly into computers, blogs, net-surfing, etc, and that the one person that is wouldn’t be caught dead reading a knitting/crafty blog. Days like today – where the only thing I have to post about is a gift project, and yet I don’t have to worry about it.

I got frustrated last night at the poor tech editing on the cardigan I started. The designer was very helpful answering my questions, but I still felt the need to put it aside for a bit, so I pulled out some Diamond Baby Sport Alpaca I purchased recently.

I was thinking of a simple stitch pattern, perhaps something like this cashmere neckwarmer, but incorporated into a scarf for the brother in law. I tried it, but it didn’t look quite right with the gauge on either my size 10 or 10.5 needles, so I went looking for something else. Inspired by my good friend’s suggestion and her husband’s example, I switched to a simple 2×2 rib. In a simple black yarn, it’s quite unimpressive in the photograph, but it is oh-so-squishy and warm! Hopefully, the recipient will also find those good qualities!

the B.I.L. scarf

Aug 7

Sweater for Arwen

As promised I have finally taken pictures of the progress on my sweater this is the left side.

sweater for Arwen

You can see how well the pattern shows up with this yarn, I am so happy with how this is coming out so far. I am a little more then half way through the left side and already have the back done. Hopefully I will have the rest done soon and can wear it this winter.

Aug 4


Last month, I was at The Knitting Room and picked up some Zauberball (Zauber = “magic”) in the Brombeeren colourway. It has long colour shifts like Noro, and while I’m not a huge fan of singles, the colours were awesome, and the price was right. I decided I’d make a pair of very basic ribbed or stockinette socks for my sister to show off the colours. I’m loving that each colour in the range is one I like (while I love the concept of Noro, there always seems to be one colour tucked into the middle of the ball that I hate).

However, the beginnings of these “magic” socks for my sister, are – like magic – about to disappear! I just started the heel flap and noticed that I somehow skewed the entire heel turn on one side. Bah. I guess it’s no surprise that I’ll have to rip these back at least once! :)

zauberball magic socks

Jul 22

I’ve finally picked up my Cardigan for Arwen once again and it is going rather well if I do say so myself. There will be pictures as soon as there is a little more to see of the celtic pattern. It is going to take a while to finish but hopefully it will be done for winter so I can wear it.

Jul 9


30,000 stitches done on the Bamboo Clapotis so far… Nearly there – only about 5,000 to go!

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