May 17

The shawl! … and maybe something new?

My 1st Year of Lace shawl is going great. This week, I finished the final repeat of the body chart, and have started the set up for the edging. Know what that means? I’m sitting at about 50% completion – only 40,000 or so stitches to go! Whee!

Now, because I am… me… and there is no known cure, I just spent the past two days looking at knit and crocheted flowers and plants to start a new project. We’re planning a WWKIP event for the store, and were thinking it would be fun to yarn bomb it too, with tons of crocheted “flowers” and “potted plants”. I found a few cute patterns, so I’m setting aside my Phoenix Rising in order to work on those for a week or so. The store will look so awesome! After that, the countdown from 40,000 stitches will resume. :)

Feb 9

Progress! And maybe more dyeing soon?!

That shawl I picked up again last week after over a year? I ended up adding an additional leaf lace repeat, and have now started the edging. As tomorrow night is knit night at the store, I should be able to finish the shawl completely in the next day or two! Whee! I promise I’ll post a pic once it’s done, but I plan on blocking it at a friend’s house, so there will be post-blocking pictures in the near future as well.

I’ve even decided on my next projects. I really do enjoy lace, colourwork, etc, much more than plain knitting. I will work on my cowl top (which is mostly stockinette, but nearly finished) and I’m going to start on the Endpaper Mitts I’ve been planning for ages. I’ve recently also been working on a very basic black and wine-coloured crochet afghan, so the colourwork should keep me interested enough overall to be able to plug away and finish both the afghan and the cowl relatively soon, unless…

I spend all my free time dyeing… I just placed a fairly large order for more sock and laceweight yarn. Faking Sanity Yarns will be re-appearing on the market soon! We’ve decided to start carrying both Faking Sanity yarns and chain-mail knitting accessories at the shop this year. We’ll be launching these additions in conjunction with a WWKIP event, if we can drum up enough interest in this little northern town. Either way, I miss dyeing so much, so we may also look into wholesaling at LYS’s again once I have enough dyed in advance, so stay tuned.

Jan 28

new work

well to make a bit of cash I am trying to sell a few of the toys that I have crocheted since I have been bored to death at home not working. I hope I can get pictures up this time

there’s a few more but they are too big for adding

Jan 8

I am alive and am crafting really I am

Well it’s been a really long time since I have been on here and I have been crafting just not posting about it I made all of the Christmas prezzies this year. I made a slouchy hat and a scarlet for David’s sister Debbie and a pair of slipper socks for his sister Donna nothing knit for the mom though this year.

Now I am making little crocheted toys for my little girl a little late for Christmas but I didn’t have the time during that season to get them done they are now done and will be sent as soon as possible for her.
I want to post pictures but am having issues doing it once I figure it out again I will post pictures.

Jul 8

I am not dead really I am not

I am not dead I just haven’t been knitting or crochetting anything in the last little while. I have actually done a few things though just not posted about them. I have crochetted recently two patterns Laura the ladybird and Francisca as a butterfly no pictures of either because I am not fully done them I am taking a little break from them my hands are sore. Both of these little gems will be sent off as gifts as soon as I am done them which needs to be soon since they are already kind of late.

Feb 22

I finished a fiber-related project!  I haven’t really been in the mood to knit or crochet lately (probably because I have a backlog of Christmas presents on the needles and the guilt is making me procrastinate) but mtlaise dyed up this tiny skein of yarn a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t resist doing some Tunisian crochet with it.  The speed of crochet, the suppleness of knitting, and the look of weaving…

Ta da!  Easy peasy iPod cover.  The seam on this one isn’t perfect, so it’s for me, but I thought I might do up some for the store.  Dunno if anyone would be interested.

I also had to share my super-duper photo setup I had going this afternoon, trying to get decent pictures of my chainmail bracelets:

Excuse the blurriness, I had to take it with my old, icky camera.  That is a bracelet on a Irish Cream bottle (not empty!) on a Doctor Who book, up against a footstool, all on top of a computer table.  It prompted a discussion on just how big of a lush I will have to become to have a liquor bottle big enough for a necklace shot.

Jan 2

New Years Resolution

My main new years resolution this year is to not buy any more yarn unless absolutely necessary!  My secondary resolution is to not find excuses to make yarn purchases absolutely necessary! :)

I have GOT to start using my stash, it’s too big for someone like myself who is only a part-time fiber artist.  So to get off to a good start on this I am going to crochet for my mother a Toque and Scarf from the Araucania Nature Wool Solids in Rust that I bought specifically for that purpose.

Araucania Nature Wool Solids

Araucania Nature Wool Solids

I know she’ll love the colour, I just hope I can do them quickly enough to make them worthwhile this winter.  Oh well, there’s always next winter :)

Other projects have remained untouched since we’ve been crazy busy lately with the move and christmas and I’ve just been too darned lazy to touch anything!  Oh well, time to get hooking.

Oct 28

Miss me?

I know, I haven’t been posting here, but I haven’t really been doing a lot fiber wise.  I’ve finally finished my Star Baby Blanket and it looks AWESOME!  Pictures will be up on Ravelry soon.

I’ve been having difficulty casting on my Xmas Mitts for my co-worker.  This is, naturally, because I didn’t guage swatch.  Now that I’ve finally swatched I’ve determined my needles were WAY too small.  So I’ll try again tomorrow at the lunchtime knit, at the Nexen Park downtown from 12-1 if anyone wants to join us.

My regular blog is over at LiveJournal: feel free to add me as a friend if you are on LiveJournal.


Oct 9

Sometimes you just have to go Awwwww

I just had an incredible moment.  I made a baby blanket a year ago for a co-worker, it was my first completed crochet project.  You can read about it and view pictures in my very first posting here on Twisted Stitches.

Well, my co-worker was in today for a visit and brought the baby.  Not only did it hold together after all this time but Katie drags it everywhere with her, not letting it out of her sight ever!  Wheeee!  She likes her Blankie!! :)

Oct 7


I’ve hit my ADHD wall.  Every project I pick up is frustrating me.  I know it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes and have to frog or tink but with my teeny attention span it gets to me.  Plus I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, I know many will have difficulty believing that, so when things aren’t right the first time around I lose interest.

I know I have to fight past this wall, I’m determined to, but the urge to give up on any form of knitting or crochet is so strong right now.  I’m forcing myself to go to Make One tonight, I’m hoping it will help me break through it.

On the plus side, my Star Blanket is looking good, even though I had to go back a few rows because I ended up with a flat edge, hehehe.  The person I’m making it for is Due today, so I’m hoping the baby isn’t in a huge rush to come into the world, or he’ll (/she’ll)  be blankie-less.

I cast on the first row of my co-workers mittens, I just don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for it as I did for my first attempt at mittens.  This is mostly due to my ADHD and lack of an attentio….oooo look, a bunny!….attention span.

I’m definitely quitting the Gym though, I just can’t keep going when I’m getting such lousy results.  I think I’m going to save up and buy that neck-tuck I’ve always longed for.  It’s the only way I am going to get rid of my Neck Rolls, they’re genetic, damn family…yet another thing I can curse them for!


Jul 23

First Stash

Oh I am SOOOO excited.  I went to the sale with mtlaise, Tannis and Doug.  Had a fantastic day, bought lots at the sale…had to go back in the queue a second time when I saw a really cute book with some great sweater designs. 

Not only did I get the cute book, but I also stocked up for my first Stash!!  Pictures of my stash are available at my Ravelry Profile, , so please feel free to take a peek.  There are some pictures of my current and past projects there too.

Disaster has struck however.  The lawyer I work for just found out that I crochet and has asked me to make clothing for her cat, she has one of those hairless ones……

Anyway, I guess I’ll need to get practicing on this since I’m sure these designs are way more advanced than I am used to.


Mar 24

I learned something today, and made progress!

I headed off to Make One this afternoon to pick up the needles I ordered for YOL (Year of Lace). I decided that I’d start my gauge swatch while I was there, so that if it was way off, I could just buy another size of needles right away. SMART move.

You know what I learned? That I have the loosest knitting gauge in the world! Amy mentioned a while back that the project recommended 32″ 3mm needles (approx. US #2 or #3, depending on the brand), which I didn’t have, so I ordered them from the store to come with my kit. After realizing that not only my gauge but also the look of the fabric were way off with those, I tried some 2.5mm needles, and it was still a tiny bit too open for my taste. I finally tried some 2mm needles (yup, that’s a size 0) and the fabric was much more to my liking. It was a little more dense than what gauge would require, but I like the look better, especially since blocking will open it up a bit more. So, in the end, I went from the recommended size 3’s down to size 0’s. Note to self: don’t pre-purchase needles for the next kit!

ripple afghan, mar 24Now, since I’ll be casting on the YOL project right after this post, and only coming up for food, air and pee breaks for the next little while, here are a few progress pictures on other projects to tide you over.

sock, mar 24The first is my sock. I have less than 1/2″ of ribbing left, but it is now officially relegated to “bus only” knitting, so it will get done whenever it gets done. It’s insanely simple, but I like how it’s turned out.

The second is of my boring but comfy ripple afghan. I’ve actually worked on this more this week than I have in months; blame it on thank the Vegetable Sister that came over to watch Torchwood on Friday. It’s too big to carry around anywhere, so I only work on it when I’m sitting down for a few hours of uninterrupted TV. I’m only doing a few rows per colour on this, but I love the height – and hence the speed – of crocheted rows!

Mar 14

Amigurumi take three

You all remember Luke right well my nephew and sisters loved Luke so much that they asked were I got the pattern and proceeded to buy a few more. So now I have requests for Paz the little angel and Laura Beth as a Ladybird of which I’ve started on Laura Beth. Seeing as I don’t have proper eyes though until my order comes in I have to wait to finish her she is a headless ladybug at the moment. Both of those are for my sister to give to a friend that is trying to adopt a child from China. I also have requests to make Cecilia dressed as a cat for my niece Danielle and nephew William, though Cecilia will have to be transformed into Danielle with black hair and William with brown hair and they are going to have to be dressed as their cats. One of their cats is Grey the other is Orange so my sister has bought me the yarn for those specific cat costumes it will be great once they are done. My other sister requested a few as well though she hasn’t bought the materials yet so hers aren’t going to get done until that happens. So far these patterns are so great and easy to follow I can finish one in one night of crocheting its great. Pictures will come once they all have heads and are finished.

Laura is now mostly finished I need felt for the dots on the wings but her she is in all her Asian glory.


Feb 19


I seem to be in a sort of knitting slump; I haven’t knit a stitch since last Tuesday. I haven’t been feeling great for the past couple of days, so that might be part of it, and I did get a new copy of Chrono Trigger to play, which also took up time that might have been spent knitting. The truth of it is, though, that I just didn’t feel like knitting. Last night I watched 3 episodes of Alias, and just crocheted through them.

Maybe this is a good thing though? I’m an incredibly slow knitter, and a not-so-fast crocheter, and I have a project for each craft that I’d like to finish (or nearly finish) by the time the first Year of Lace pattern arrives. Since that’s scheduled for late March, and one of my current projects is an afghan, which, although crocheted, is still very slow due to it’s size, I shouldn’t be looking at any new projects. I just can’t help it though. I’m bored with these, and getting excited about lace. And slippers because my floor is cold. I keep spending hours on Ravelry checking out all the new lace patterns and trying to find a small lace project that I have the yarn for, and that appeals to me, and that is easy enough I could work on it in public (so I can finish it off quickly and get back to finishing my other current projects). The end result, though, is that any time I could have spent knitting or crocheting is eaten up by Ravelry, and I still have no pattern that screams “pick me! pick me!” – there have been a few “I might be fun to knit”, but I’m holding out on those for something better.

Feb 15

I did not sign up to be a hairdresser…

The Doctor’s hair is kicking my ass. It just does not want to co-operate. I’ve been staring at the pattern and the hair tutorial and pictures of David Tennant (such a hardship!) for the past two hours and this is what I’ve got so far:

Yes, he is going to get a haircut, I promise. It’s the back of the head that is driving me absolutely bat-shit. Maybe I’ll take a break and work on something easy, like picking up the 150 stitches along the band of my sweater or re-learning Latin…

In much, much better news, I got myself a job.  Unfortunately, Jason called the house while I was on my way to Make One and now I can’t call him back until Tuesday.  So I have no idea when I start or what I’ll be making, but who cares!  A JOB! Now I can pay off years of debt and have disposable income to spend on YARN!

Feb 8

Takin’ Over the Asylum

It’s ok, it’s not me heading there yet… We just watched a British TV show by that name with everybody’s favourite Doctor, David Tenant – except in this he plays a very manic young adult in a psychiatric institute. It really was a great show.

charity hat 1charity hat 2

Also, since tomorrow night is Make One’s charity knit night, and I’m such a slow knitter, I thought I’d look up some quick crochet patterns that were suitable. I wanted to test the Seija Set baby hat from Stitch n’ Bitch Crochet – the Happy Hooker. While watching, I found a few patterns, settled on this one, pulled out the supplies, and even finished the first preemie-sized hat entirely. The second hat, which is about toddler sized, is nearly there – all the crochet and trims are complete, but I need to weave in the ends. I have to say, it does look a little odd… I’m using some baby yarn leftovers I had, and now that I see it complete, the baby teri yarn seems a little funky for a hat… ah well. live and learn. I think I’ll bring the other yarn tomorrow night.

Feb 7

Uh… trudging. You know, trudging?

Uh… trudging. You know, trudging? [pause] To trudge: the slow, weary, depressing yet determined walk of a man who has nothing left in life except the impulse to simply soldier on. (Chaucer, A knight’s Tale, 2001)

New TV eps are good; they’re the only way to get through the huge boring sections/projects… This week’s Torchwood ended up being two more rows on the blanket. Sandra says it’s unacceptable that the blanket does not have a name, so let’s call it Steve. Steve is now about an inch closer to being complete, but far from being done. After that, I watched selected scenes of The Sentinel, as Cindy was fiddling with the sound; Jim’s astounding senses aided me through more than a full repeat in the Dragon Scale scarf. I think this is finally at the half way point!

Steve dragon scale wrap

Feb 5

The monkey

As you all know I bought a few amigurumi patterns a few weeks back, I made Luke in the Dinosaur suit and can’t seem to find eyes that I like for him (must go to Micheal’s) but I have now started Marky the Monkey . He is looking so cute I can’t wait till he is done. I have to find the stuffing in my house to be able to stuff him and put him together I even have the eyes for him already so that won’t be a problem.The funny thing is that the day that I started making him my sister came over to see us and asked what I was doing she loved the monkey and wanted one ,and since I refused to make her one she took up making it herself bothering me the rest of that night on how to do different things. She is now well versed int he stitched she needs for the monkey but still only has the one part of him that she finished the first night and nothing else. I on the other hand have finished all the parts but am not working on him until I figure out how to put all the parts on so that they look like the picture. You see the pattern is great except for the finishing touches she doesn’t explain how to attach a few of the parts so that they end up looking like the picture that she has on the pattern. I was getting so mad at the monkey that I just had to stop and now he is just a pile of bit and is waiting to be put together, though the bits are still cute. Here is what he is looking like now and will be like for a bit until I am no longer mad at it.


Jan 31

Blankety inspiration

I’ve been good and haven’t cast on anything new at all this week (this despite the fact that seeing ralae’s amigurumi dinosaur made me want to go buy green yarn immediately). Instead, I’ve been (grudgingly) working on the black and wine ripple afghan whenever I sat down to watch something. I’ve put in several hours on it already thanks to John Barrowman (Torchwood) and David Tennant (Learners, and a weird one I don’t remember the name of where he’s all young, and little and wee, riding a boat in a police uniform, pining after the temp/replacement officer). No new picture since it’s just more of the same, but together, they inspired another 12″ or so on the blanket. Maybe I’ll finish this befor ethe old one finally bites the dust…

Jan 27

Amigurumi Love part 2

I decided to start one of my little amigurumi characters that I bought from Owlishly Designs yesterday while watching pride and prejudice, the made for TV version, and got most of the parts finished that night. Today since it is such an ugly day out I have done nothing but work on little Luke in a dinosaur suit and he is mostly done all he needs is a face which I may do later I have to find the proper eyes to suit him. Here are the pictures of him in progress and the finished results he is too damn cute if I do say so myself.

partshead attachedfull spikesarms addedfinished minus the face

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