Jan 23

Doctor Who?

Doctor Who?So… guess what this is? It doesn’t look like much at the moment, but it’ll soon be a Tenth Doctor amigurumi. (That would be the torso, both arms, and one leg.) Yes, I *am* that much of a dork. But I fell madly in love with the pattern at first sight and just couldn’t resist. This one’s for ralae, but I’m definitely going to be making one for myself after. And then a Martha, and then a Jack, and then… I’m sure you get the picture.

I think amigurumi might be my new easy project — I already have a bunch of patterns that I’ve just never gotten around to doing.

And I just *have* to edit this to add more “in progress” pics. I haven’t had this much fun on a craft project in a long time!

Jan 23

My first-love: crochet

blanket 2 Wow! I had forgotten how fast crochet is compared to knitting! I sat down with my attention divided between my new blanket, a friend who was visiting, and the Torchwood TV show we were getting her hooked on. Despite that, I still managed to get a section done about 5 feet wide and 4 inches high. Check it out; I may actually finish it before the old one completely bites the dust!

In the end, I decided to just go with a coulour change every two rows – mostly because I’m lazy (the distance between rows of the same colour is small enough, then, that I can carry the yarn up the side stitch without ever cutting it, thus eliminating all that tedious weaving in of ends).

Jan 22

A Blanket, or three…

Over the past week or so, I’ve spent hours pouring over afghan and blanket patterns, trying to find one I liked in the Bernat Satin yarn I had. I was hoping for a knit pattern, but even looked at crocheted ones too. I’d find one, swatch it, even started a few, but none of them seemed right. I finally settled on one today that’s a keeper! The pattern is the Easy Ripple Afghan, and I’m using wine- and black-coloured Bernat satin yarns. I accidentally bought the black in worsted instead of sport weight, so I’m having to play around a little with the hook size and tension to ensure the same gauge in both colours, but it seems to be going ok so far. I’m doing the crochets through the back loops only for the rows after a colour change to get a more textured effect. I’m also thinking of varying the width of the stripes (instead of always changing colours every two rows) – maybe just 2-4-6-4-2 rows of each – or maybe something geeky like a fibonacci series… we’ll see.

Jan 20

Amigurumi Love

So Etsy is the most evil store ever I was browsing through it and decided that I should look at the amigurumi because they are so very cute and fell instantly in love with a few of them, but finally decided that I was actually going to buy three patterns right now and maybe more later on when I get the urge to crochet more toys. I have bought the patterns to Marky the monkey , Sarita , and Luke in dinasaur suit. Now all I have to do is go buy some acrylic yarn in the colors I need and I can start crocheting new projects now that my knitting is on hold until I pick the right yarn for my sweater. They are going to be fun to make I can’t wait ti start on them. I haven’t crocheted in a while so it will be a nice change from knitting for at least one project or two.

Jan 13

Christmas Knitting

I was so proud of myself this year — I actually accomplished Christmas knitting the year I was giving the gift! (This makes up for the Christmas 2005 presents that I’m still working on…)

Chelle’s ScarfThe first was a scarf for my sister Chelle. I had actually planned this one for almost a year, since she’s been requesting one since I gave one to her husband last year. It’s two skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Duotones, done in double-wrap garter stitch on size 11s. Easy peasy.

The other well-planned gift I gave was a lap afghan (no picture) for my Granny, which took me a couple of months to finish because I only had the patience to do a few rows at a time. It was crocheted out of Knit Picks Swish Superwash that I had originally bought for my Lift and Separate but didn’t like the colour for a sweater (teach me right for not buying a colour card first!) It was another one not done from a pattern — I just kind of came up with a stitch I liked that had a bit of texture and did the entire thing in it.Grandma’s Scarf

The next was kind of last minute — I only came up with the idea of giving my Grandma a scarf the week before Christmas, but I’d done the pattern before and I already had the yarn, so it went pretty quick (aka two nights of sitting around catching up on Stargate Atlantis while knitting, then a frantic blocking session the evening of Christmas Day.) It is the Slanted Eyelet Scarf by Alchemy Yarns of Transformation, out of Silk Purse.

Mom’s HatThe last gifty that I actually gave while I was home for Christmas was the Chunky Buttoned Cable Toque [free pattern] for my mom. Uber last minute. I hadn’t even planned on making her anything this year, but Make One was offering a free course on the 23rd and it was such a Mom-hat that I couldn’t resist. And since I had oodles of left over yarn, I’m making her a pair of mitts to match (the Super Funky Bulky Mitts, same link as above.)

The last Christmas presents were pretty much the first ones I had done — a pair of Maine Morning Mitts [another free pattern] each for Liz, Mar and Drie. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures of them in their mitts, so I’ll have to do that another day.

Jan 12

Knit Wars and new projects

So, I was catching up on some old Lime n’ Violet podcasts and blog posts, and found out about Knit Wars. It’s kind of the geekiest way to keep yourself accountable for working on your knitting. I am now a level 2 druid! Weee! I’m such a dork.

Ooh, and I finished Perian’s bunny slippers.  As you can see, they’re currently faceless, which she says she likes, so the deal is as long as she explains why to everyone who comes to visit, I’ll let her keep them that way.  …Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies… or maybe midgets…

Bunnies! Bunnies! It Must Be Bunnies!

I also started working on a new blanket last night, and I’ve decided something: I HATE long rows in stockinette! Oh well, at least there are only 8 rows now and again at the end.

Jan 8

Welcome to the New World! err… Year!

Ok, so that was not only a dorky movie reference, but also a very late sentiment. I’ve been a little scattered lately, though (as my roommate can attest to), so the late greeting is in keeping with my current state-of-mind and crafty-ness. I am finally FINISHING the Fuzzy Bunny Slippers from the Happy Hooker book that I promised her over 2 years ago for Christmas!

My first finished project in 2008 was my cashmere neckwarmer; it’s so soft, I just want to pet it! I started this according to the pattern, found here. I tend to get cold easily though (well, overheated easily too, but that’s a different issue), so I wanted to add a bit of a scarf drop to cover the lower portion of my throat as well, which meant a few pattern modifications:

When I got to about 16″, I changed the angle to make the drop portion. I did that by increasing 1 stitch on one end and decreasing one stitch on the other for every row for about 3″. Then I continued in that fashion, but bound off the first stitch on the right side of the scarf each right side row, in order to get a horizontal line at the bottom of the drop. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out considering I decided to change it on the spot without testing or writing anything down.

Cashmere Christmas   

I also started on my first pair of socks. Not sure if I’m liking the sock itself, but the yarn is cool. I’m using this Tofutsies in a cool mix of blues, purples and greens – a little funky for me, but I like it.


So far, 2008 is shaping up to be better than 2007; here’s hoping it stays that way!

Dec 25

Joyeux Noel !

Merry Christmas!

I guess it’s my turn to make a post to our blog. As has already been mentioned, I’m a bit of a geek, and a bit of a perfectionist – about some things at least. And I have a thing about logic… and spreadsheets. I’ve jumped on many crafty bandwagons in the past. Most recently, I’ve made wire jewellery, done cross stitch, knit, and crocheted.

I won’t post pictures yet as they’re on my computer at home and I’m in the lively town of Dawson Creek, but thought I’d post about my most recent projects. I’ve got a few on the go at the moment, including two pair of crocheted Fluffy Bunny Slippers. I’m also working on a Corsica sweater for me – my first sweater and my first big cabled project. I’ve also got a Dragon Scale wrap on the needles, as well a Pidge-like neckwarmer out of amazing mongolian cashmere. I’ve got some gorgeous Malabrigo in blues and slates that will be a brioche neckwarmer by the end of the week, and at some point, I have to finish Askew. There are lots more I want to start, but it will take me ages to finish these, so I should probably just wait… Anyway, that’s it for me today.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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