Apr 30


I was happily knitting away on my boring socks last night at SnB. Then it dawned on me. Well, to be honest, it didn’t; perian mentioned she thought it should be long enough by now. So, I pulled out my other sock and checked again. Sure enough, I had knit more than 1/2″ too far, so the last few minutes there were spent tinking back. Bah. I still have a few rows to pull out before I start the ribbing. The really dumb part is that I had pulled out the completed sock to compare lengths a few times while we were there. I must have been totally out of it because it just didn’t register when it hit the same length that I should start the ribbing for the cuff.

Apr 27

Endless slippers

The ugly little slippers that I made for Wendy were such a hit with her family that I have been commissioned to make more of them at a price of course and since they are a mindless knit I have agreed. I have made two of the 4 pairs that she has requested and now have to stop because a few of my fingers have decided to rebel and no longer want to bend to hold the knitting needles. That is ok though because the person that requested them is going in for surgery on tuesday and won’t be back for a bit so I have the time to do them. Hopefully my fingers decide to start working again soon I need the full use of my hand on tuesday for work, and knit. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens now don’t I.

Apr 27

Another repeat done!

I just finished the third repeat on my Year of Lace project! Over 20% (21.15% to be exact) and less than 65,000 stitches left! I’m off to repeat my mantra (YOL, YOL, YOL) and start the 4th repeat.

YOL 3rd body rpt apr 27

Apr 25

Progress? What’s that?

Pretty much all I’ve been doing lately has been working and knitting (while watching tv, of course) so I’ve actually got some knitting progress to show off! First there’s the Swallowtail:

Swallowtail #1

Not blocked yet, but I love it muchly. I added three repeats of the Budding Lace chart, so I had to fudge numbers on the later increases, but it seems to have turned out okay. Plus, I didn’t like the nupps so I just did away with them altogether.

Booties #1

I also finished a set of the cutest baby booties known to man (Saartje’s Booties) for my new cousin. I need to add the buttons and button loops, but this is closer than I got to sending pressies for any of the other babies in the family, so I’m feeling pretty proud of them.

Lift and Separate #3

The Lift and Separate is chugging along. The back and one side of the front are done. The one main thing I’ve learned from this sweater? If you want the front and back to be the same length, count your rows as you go. You’d think that would be common sense, right? I even thought about it before I started, but when I got going and the pattern said “Continue in St st until work measures…” it completely flew out of my brain. So now I’m spending a lot of time counting rows and writing down numbers and the forgetting if that count was from this spot or from that spot. Stupid me.

Blue Wicked #1

But that’s okay because I got completely sidetracked from it these past two days by a lovely new project. It’s Wicked by Zephyr Style, in Araucania Pomaire (two thumbs up for both the pattern and the yarn!) It’s all Sandra’s fault, since she was working on it on Tuesday at Knit Night, and then had to show me Amy’s in the pima cotton. I worked on it all day Wednesday since I was home sick and it’s knitting up so fast! The one thing I didn’t think about was alternating skeins, so I may get some pooling issues. I’m about to start on the second ball, so I guess I’ll find out soon.

Anyway, I’m off to watch tv and knit for another day. This being sick thing is getting me through a shit-load of tv! In the past month or so I watched the entire run of Gilmore Girls, almost 3 seasons of Ballykissangel, close to a season of Torchwood (blame Liza for that!), half a season of Wild at Heart, and a whole bunch of movies. What shall I watch now?

Apr 20

1/10th complete!

Thanks to the yucky snow and the lady with the seven-layer dip, I got to work on my Year of Lace today through 8 episodes of Torchwood! Originally, we would have gone to knit night at the pub after a few eps, but the weather changed our minds, so we just watched more TV. I really do love this show. And, you *can* knit lace while watching a good show, as long as it’s not your first screening of it. I am now over 10% complete (11.51% at the end of the 2nd repeat, which is when I took these photos in bad artificial lighting). I completed the second body repeat and now have a good start on the third, too. Only approximately 71,400 stitches to go. Wee!

YOL1 2nd body rpt apr20YOL1 2nd body rpt apr20-2

Apr 18

I’m such a dolt

I went to Make One today to knit, which was nice. Then, as I was leaving I was offered a ride home. Woo! I ran back in because I forgot my bag in the store, and in the process, I locked the car accidentally, with it running, driver outside, and purse inside. Not a good combination. So, she tried to get it unlocked by slipping knitting needles through the window seal. Nope. I got a hanger from the yoga place, so we could try with that instead, as it would be a little longer, and could be bent into shape. Try again. So, we ended up using the awesome spinknit‘s CAA membership to get it open. Now the thing with services like these is that they tend  to get busier when the weather gets bad. Luckily, they put a rush on this request since the car was running, but it was still a while. We chatted, I felt miserable, we chatted some more, and then… the prettiest white truck showed up outside, and a kind man stepped out and opened the door. All things settled, and we got on the road again fairly quickly after that, but I still feel like such a dolt!

Apr 16

I think it’s safe to say…

bamboo top 2I think it’s safe to say that I have a new obsession. Last night, I bought another pound of the blueberry merino-tencel blend roving, as well as a pound of this new bright blue bamboo!

Tonight was our last session of the spinning class, and I mentioned I’d probably be spinning mostly lighter yarns, including laceweight, if I could, since that’s what I prefer to knit with. So, the instructor offered to lend me a lace spindle to test drive!

I’m still debating that wheel purchase… Unfortunately, the call I got from my old employer was just for a half-day contract, so it’s not enough money to just make the purchase on what is a whim for me (less than 6 months research). I *am* having so much fun with this, though. Decisions, decisions…

Apr 16

Body Technology Interfaces

Have you ever read something, understood every word, and still thought: “huh?”

Check out this link for knit body technology interfaces. Make sure to scroll down, because it gets better. Do *you* know anyone who needs one of these? :)

Apr 13

Mmmmmerino Tencel in Blueberry

merino tencel apr 13Two weeks ago, while browsing before our 2nd spinning class, I bought this gorgeous merino tencel blend in a colour called blueberry. Well, this Friday night, my hands were sore from drafting the slightly matted roving remains from our class, so I pulled out this merino tencel. I spun up about a yarn to get it started then worked on it for an hour or two at Make One at the spin-in on Saturday.

I can’t believe the difference between this and the other wool I had. Well, first, it seems to have an affiinity to stick to whatever I’m wearing, but other than that it seems so much easier to draft and to keep control of. It’s working out to between 28-30 wraps per inch – a little thinner than I was thinking before I started. It started out getting thinner unintentionally, but as I got going, I liked the look, so I tried to keep it that way. I can always ply it more if I want it thicker in the end. Overall, I’m ending up with something that I can see myself actually using, though, which is pretty cool! And I love the sheen on this stuff… I may have to buy more.

I can’t wait for our last spinning class this week to maybe try my hand at spinning on a wheel.

Apr 10

YOL! YOL! YOL! 4.73% never felt so good!

I think I’ll just start yelling that randomly and see if it wins any unusual comments or looks…

Despite saying I wouldn’t frog it back to the beginning after putting in my life line a few weeks ago, the more I knit, the more unhappy I was about the gauge and look of the fabric. I had the right size needle for what I wanted (2.25mm/US size 1), but only in 16″ length, so I could not have continued much further than I was without replacing them with longer needles. So. Needles were ordered. The needles arrived yesterday with a big kathunk as the mailman threw the package down the stairs! Grr… Sometimes, I strongly dislike Canada Post… or to paraphrase one of the first TV shows I ever obsessed about: “One of these days, Alice… one of these days… POW. Right in the kisser.”

Regardless of how they arrived, they were lovingly worked into my YOL project yesterday afternoon. And, now, I have my first real progress picture for Year of Lace! Check it out behind the cut.

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Apr 10

If (Work == Miserable) Then buyYarn();

I am having the worst day yet at work.  The stupid blizzard this morning turned my 10 minute bus ride into an hour and a half bus ride (it took over an hour to go the first 10 blocks but luckily I had a couple of episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch on my iPod.)  So I was an hour late to work, and then I had a call at 12:30 that lasted 2 1/2 hours.  Of course, my lunch is normally at 1:00, so I missed it completely and only had time to run to Starbucks and grab a chai and banana bread before I had to be back on the phone queue.  I solved one case today and had three others get worse than they were before.  It has quieted down now but I am feeling miserable, grumpy, and stupid.

So, I am heading to Make One the minute I’m off and buying pretty yarn to cheer me up.  I don’t have a pattern in mind, but there was some pretty soysilk ribbon that I was looking at yesterday that I thought would make a cute tank top.  Or the Provence cotton.  Or something, I dunno.  I just know that yarn = happy.

There is also a drop spindle that I might buy.  It’s a bottom whorl and just felt right in my hands.  I tried a couple wheels last night during my spinning class, but (amazingly enough!) didn’t fall immediately in love.  Of course, yesterday was a crap ass day as well and I just had no patience for anything I couldn’t catch on to in 10 seconds flat.  I did make a lovely little ball of yarn by plying two singles together – a black and a plum.  Don’t know if it’s long enough to make anything from, but I might try a little hat and just make the brim a different colour.

Apr 10

Nostepinnes and spinning wheels

1st plying attemptThis week’s spinning class was about plying, so that’s all I did on the wheel, but I managed to ply a couple of different yarns into both a two-ply and a Navaho-ply (on Beth’s Lendrum) – a cool effect, but I don’t know that the motion would ever seem totally natural to me. Afterwards, I got scrap/stash yarns for the class and tried plying on the S75 Victoria at the back. I had a tiny ball of silk, I believe, and something that looked like Louet Gems, and it was loads of fun! It’s a mess, but I loved using the wheel, and I really like the colours, so I may try to find some fiber to match. I know there’s some scrumptious bamboo fiber in chocolate brown at the store, so I’d just have to find a good green…

2nd yarn I also now have two balls of my own handspun, so I’m going to try plying those on the drop spindle this week. I have to say that the difference between this one and the first ball is pretty cool. Also, check out the weird shape? I saw Anna’s YOL yarn had an egg shape to it, and wondered what she had used to wind it. Well, this was done with a handy-dandy nostepinne. I still prefer my ball winder for winding from a skein, because, ouch, my shoulders… but for something that’s better done by hand, this really does work great.

Next week, we get to play on the wheels again for the last class, so I’m totally going to bring some of my fiber and try spinning on a wheel. Maybe try a different one, too, although I did really like the one I used last night.

Apr 8

Most hideous slippers ever

Well I have knit up the most hideous slippers ever but they were a quick knit and exactly what my friend from work asked for, rainbow slippers. They actually aren’t that hideous they just don’t photograph well. The yarn that I used is very very colorful and great for the slippers they should last a while.


Apr 6

Geeks who knit or Who geek knits

I just about fell off my chair early this morning when I saw this on Ravelry – someone created a pattern and knit up an Adipose! Now, what could be better than a quick project to show off your Doctor Who geekyness? Check it out!

Apr 6


Today was the official cast-on party for Year of Lace, and I forgot my camera. And a finished product already (I kind of assumed, but I stand in awe). Also, that was the quietest I have EVER heard so many women at Make One! It was lots of fun, though. I had ordered some 2.25 mm needles as I guessed that would be the best gauge for me (since 2.5’s were a bit too big for me, and the 2’s seemed a bit too small), but I hadn’t actually tested that theory. Then, I remembered that was the size I had in my sock. Pull out sock -> remove circs -> replace with dpns -> re-appropriate circ for YOL project. Ta-da! I was right, it is the perfect size for me. I had a little fun tearing out my original project in front of Trish, then I got to the end of the set up rows again with these needles at the party. The end result is exactly the look/gauge I hoped for. Yay!

In other news, I am week-willed. I had told myself I wouldn’t do either of these things this year, but now I’ve resigned myself to allowing one or the other – either Make One‘s Fall retreat, or a spinning wheel. Which should it be? I haven’t even tried spinning on a wheel yet, but I love the spinning I’ve done so far on the drop spindle, and I’d love to be able to do more, so a wheel seems inevitable as well as fun. And there are 2 left at the old price. On the other hand, the retreat seems like a great opportunity: the classes and teachers seem great, it’s all inclusive, and by all accounts, it’s a riot! It’s nearly twice as much as the wheel, but on the other hand, starting out at a new job, I won’t have any accrued vacation time this year, so this could be a great vacation for me… Oh, the hardship of decisions!

Apr 3

Spinning! Wee!


I just got home from the second installment in our spinning class at Make One. As soon as I got there, I saw baskets and boxes of pretty new stuff at the back. Of course!

The first thing that really caught my eye was the bamboo spinning fiber. It really was gorgeous, but since the bamboo top I got from Fibrefest was what inspired me to try spinning, I really don’t need more until I can actually spin the stuff… it sure was pretty though. Instead, I bought some beautifully soft merino/tencel in a colour called blueberry, which I can’t wait to try.

Spinknit and I were chatting before class about how long it would be before my obsessive roommate bought a wheel, but I think in this case, I might be the first to cave… Sadly, this has to wait until after I have a job again and after we move.

In class, we got to see and feel the difference in fiber from various breeds of sheep including shetland, jacob, arcott, columbia, cotswold and blackface leicester, as well as cashmere, silk and camel. I also wound the yarn I had spun this week into a ball. It’s hideously eneven, but I spun a ball of yarn! The first picture is of the stuff I did in the very first class – I don’t think it even qualifies as yarn; the second is of the ball I wound from what I had done this past week – bad yarn, but yarn nonetheless!

1st spin practice1st ball of yarn

Apr 1

Hemlock Ring = Giant Amoeba

I absolutely love love love my blanky.  It looks like cat yak right now, but once I block it I’m sure it’ll be great.  More pictures then.

I’ve been watching shitloads of Gilmore Girls lately (as in 2 1/2 seasons in a week) and it has translated to mucho knitting time.  I’ve been working on my Lift & Separate again, but I got the IK Fall 2006 in the mail today so now I have to cast on my Swallowtail Shawl.