Hi there, WelshBoi here!  I should probably tell you a wee bit about myself before continuing. (Please forgive my punctuation errors, the Goddess had to choose whether to make me beautiful or smart…and we all can see the results of that choice 😉 )

I’m 25, going on 5, and was born in one of the most beautiful lands on Earth…Wales.  Why did I leave such a beautiful place?  Well, that’s a long story for another time :)  Suffice it to say Calgary is now my home.  I’m a representative of the more fabulous branch of society and have held many related titles over the years, “The Hopeless Homo”, “The Quirky Queer”, “The Purple Poof” etc, etc.  I live here with my partner Oprtv47, who is the most awesomest person on the planet…although I suppose I am a wee bit biased on that.

I am also a huge Geek, Nerd, Dork…call it what you will.  I’ve rolled those dice, yes THOSE dice.  I’ve emoted that Female Elf Dance to garner as much free gold from hapless teenage boys as I can on WoW (this makes me sound WAY more perverted than I truly am).  I’ve Mudded, Muxed, Mused and Murped.  I even have a +20 Shirt of Smiting and Giant Doctor Who Door Posters! *Geekgasm*.  If you know what any of the above things are, you really can’t comment since you too…are a dork.

I am very obsessive but have the attention span of a fruit fly in heat.  This generally leads to many projects on the go with little completion rates.  This suits me just fine, but drives most other people crazy. 

So, onto my most recently completed project.  It was a comission of sorts, my first commission actually.  Oprtv47 asked me to make a scarf for his Mom for Xmas, this worked out well since she was my Secret Santa victim Giftee this year.  For the yarn I chose….oh….I, uhm, well…don’t remember.  I’m not yet as indoctrinated as the others and can’t identify yarn brands from sight, suffice it to say it was a beautifully soft yarn, with a cream base colour with browns interspersed throughout.  The yarn was purchased from Knit One Yarn Studio, Goddess bless Knit One and all who sail within her!

As you can see from this picture I am still quite new to crochet, though I find it great for someone with a small attention span since it is so fast.  I’m a Crochet Heretic, I don’t like to count my stitches, so naturally the stitches were a wee bit uneven, I ended up with 15 tassels on one end and 11 on the other (lets hope she doesn’t count them!) but through the magic of blocking I was able to make it look fairly even.  One day I will lose the stubbornness and start counting, but really, I crochet because it’s easy and relaxing and having to COUNT?!,  Well, that just takes the fun out of it.

My other project I’m working on is an Afghan, it’s a beautiful rich purple (my fave colour) and a nice red (Oprtv47’s fave colour).  I’m using Red Heart yarn for the afghan, since using nice yarn for something that big would bankrupt me.

Other recently completed projects include a Scarf and Toque (thanks to Perian and Mtlaise for help getting the Toque started) for Oprtv47 of which I will post pics in a post in the new year, and a baby blanket that I crocheted for a co-worker, (modelled beautifully here by Katie Ella herself).  For the baby blanket I used TLC Baby Amoré, it was so soft that now when I go to work with other yarns they feel like sand-paper.

 Merry Xmas all :)

P.S. I was being some-what sarchastic about the Beauty/Smart thing, I’ll leave you to judge that sort of thing for yourself.