and socks and yarn…

I just finished the gusset and heel on my uber-bright greeny-blue socks. I was again reminded that although I prefer toe-up socks, I dislike knitting gusseted heels from the toe-up. On the upside, this time around, at least the sock and heel fit properly, as opposed to my previous attempts with this combination (the last time the socks ended up being a full shoe-size too short, so ended up being an unforeseen gift for the roommie’s tiny feet). I do like how the socks are turning out, so these will be for me, but the next time, I’ll either knit top down or do a short row heel.

As for the yarn, I bought a few skeins of sock yarn in the past month…Check them out:

Fleece Artist Nyoni Zauberball Starke6 Ja Woll Silk

The first two I think will end up being socks for me. The last, Lang Ja Woll Silk with its spool of coordinating reinforcement thread, will be for socks for my dad.