Well, the yarn I started dyeing is still wet, so it’s hard to take accurate colour shots. I did promise a photo, though. The Walking in the Maize sock pattern is an odd one. With ribbing around the mid-step of your foot, it is super-comfy for a gal who likes very fitted socks like I do. That being said, the ribbing makes it look very odd off the foot. Since I chose a busy Tofutsies yarn, and the sock is simple stockinette except for that feature, I decided today’s picture would be of the sock, unstretched and off the foot, so you could see what I mean about the shaping:

Walking in the Tofu Sock 1

I’ve also decided to tear out my previous stockinette sock in the spring greens. I had tried a toe-up gusseted, short-row heel, and I really don’t like the fit. The heel was about 1/4″ shorter than I would have liked following the exact instructions, so I’d have to tear it out and increase more slowly to add the extra length without making it too baggy. However, I’m thinking I’ll try one of two options:

a) Knit a top-down heel flap and gusset as written (without reversing anything), from the toe up. This would leave the slip-stitch pattern on the bottom of the heel, where I’m more likely to wear through it anyway.

b) Knit my standard no-wrap short row heel, since I know it fits well.

Here’s the sock before the heel surgery:

Spring Greenery with bad heel