No photos as everything is wet, but I’ve had more fun dyeing today. I dyed up some more of the seasilk/merino blend I was trying out, and I’m much more pleased with this one. Also, I think I’ve nailed down how to reproduce one of the very first reds that I dyed and loved. I also dyed up more skeins of my Faking Sanity Fixation sock yarn, so I now have enough for an order at an LYS, or at least enough of that particular yarn. They’re all setting right now, and I may get in a few more later today. In the meantime, I excavated my storage closet to pull out more yarn so I could start skeining more. The next dyeing session will likely be mostly Faking Sanity Bliss (wool/silk laceweight), as well as a new 100% silk laceweight. And possibly a bit more Fixation sock yarn, too, for good measure!