You all remember Luke right well my nephew and sisters loved Luke so much that they asked were I got the pattern and proceeded to buy a few more. So now I have requests for Paz the little angel and Laura Beth as a Ladybird of which I’ve started on Laura Beth. Seeing as I don’t have proper eyes though until my order comes in I have to wait to finish her she is a headless ladybug at the moment. Both of those are for my sister to give to a friend that is trying to adopt a child from China. I also have requests to make Cecilia dressed as a cat for my niece Danielle and nephew William, though Cecilia will have to be transformed into Danielle with black hair and William with brown hair and they are going to have to be dressed as their cats. One of their cats is Grey the other is Orange so my sister has bought me the yarn for those specific cat costumes it will be great once they are done. My other sister requested a few as well though she hasn’t bought the materials yet so hers aren’t going to get done until that happens. So far these patterns are so great and easy to follow I can finish one in one night of crocheting its great. Pictures will come once they all have heads and are finished.

Laura is now mostly finished I need felt for the dots on the wings but her she is in all her Asian glory.