Wow, look at this, I’m posting! It’s been almost a year since my last confession post.  I haven’t exactly been in a knitting mood lately, but I fixed that by going crazy with the frogging.  I ripped out my Green Gables sweater and a Stolen Moments wrap, and then went to town on my Lift and Separate.  This was the pattern that made me want to learn how to knit 4 years ago.  I started it at the beginning of 2007 and haven’t touched it in years, my gauge has changed drastically, and I realized that I wouldn’t wear it anyway. So, I frogged. It felt awesome!

And then I took the yarn and turned it into a lovely little blanket — well, half a blanket so far.  It’s Jared Flood’s Wool Leaves. Yes, I totally have a thing for Jared’s patterns.

I also cast on a little scarf yesterday as a on-the-go project. It’s out of yarn that I stole from mtlaise’s dyepot, a pretty shiny yarn with SeaCell in it. It’s not my normal colours, but it’s knitting up so well in Anne Hanson’s Tudor Grace pattern.

And tonight, I might actually go do the whole knit night thing again…