I have been looking at Ravelry a lot lately since I need stuff to do while stuck at home because of the snow and have finally decided on buying a few patterns. I decided on buying the Pole pattern and a toy pattern Carmel the little Spanish girl I can’t wait to start knitting them. I have the yarn for the sweater though I have to spin it into balls to use which I will more them likely do tomorrow after the house work. It will be nice to sit and relax with some great yarn and a nice pattern to get into. It will be just like Saturdays I used to have in Calgary knitting and watching TV, though I will be on my own not with the Dork squad. The other crafters I know here don’t knit, they do other crafts so a stitch’n’bitch isn’t possible and they don’t really live near by so it makes it even harder. Oh well knitting doesn’t have to social, I would just prefer if it were.