When I packed up all our yarn and knitting stuff to make the move up north, I was amazed at just how many WIPs I actually had. I mean, I’ve never been a monogamous knitter, but I didn’t realize quite how much of a knit-slut I had become!

So my challenge for 2011 is to either finish or frog ALL of my outstanding WIPs. No exceptions. I’m certainly allowed to start new projects, but all those old ones need to be out of the overflowing WIP-bin!

WIP #1: Elizabeth Zimmerman Knitted Garter Stitch Blanket in Cascade Eco — FROGGED

I was absolutely *loving* this knit… back when I knew what size needles it should be on! Silly me, I stole the needle tips for another project and didn’t record anywhere what size they were. I’d rather start all over again than putz around trying to figure it out!  I also had a baby version of this in the WIP-bin, but that one got sewn together and edged and is just waiting to be blocked.