I haven’t beem knitting much lately… I’d pick up a new sock pattern, do about half of a sock, get bored, and move onto another pattern. The roommie inspired me though… She’s been on this “finish it or rip it” kick lately.  Last night, I went through one of the bags filled with hibernating projects, and pulled out a lace shawl I started in 2008 and put aside within a few weeks. Remember this guy?

It was my very first dye job with acid dyes, and what ultimately led to the creation of Faking Sanity yarns. It sat languishing for over a year and a half, and last night, I picked it up and finished all but the final 20-row repeat and 8-row edging! Why have I not picked up any lace projects recently? I do love it, it keeps my interest much more easily than anything else, and I have missed it so!

And now, I’m off to work on my shawl!