My first real dye job became my first real shawl. I’ve blogged about it a few times: when I first started it, and again recently when I picked it up again. I finally finished it last week, and tonight I went up to perian’s to block it. I start a lot of projects, but don’t finish them very quickly or very often, so some of you may wonder if this is true. However, I’ve come prepared! Here’s the proof!

This hand-dyed yarn:

Became this lump of yarn:

And finally became this shawl:

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It wasn’t much yarn (100 grams of fingering weight), so I knew it would be a very small shawl. In the end, it blocked out to 49″ wide and just over 20″ deep. I was desperately hoping it would make it to 48″, so this is as much as I could have hoped for. There are a couple of obvious mistakes I noticed much too late to fix (or to fix relatively quickly, at any rate), but an old friend once told me that if you couldn’t see a mistake from the back of a galloping horse, it wasn’t worth fixing, so… if you see them, just whoosh past your screen at a good gallop, and magically, the mistakes will disappear! :)