I knit my dad socks for Christmas a few years back, and the heel blew out, so I’ve been working on a new pair for him. The first pair were made of Louet Gems Sport, a 100% merino yarn. This time, I decided to buy a sturdier yarn, so I chose some Lang Yarns Jawoll Silk. Between the extra strength provided by both the silk and the reinforcing thread (enough to knit together with the regular yarn for both the heels and toes), I figured I was good. I also decided to make the socks a 1/2″ longer in the foot, in case too much negative ease lengthwise added to the first pair’s premature demise.

I started these a while back, and would set them aside as I got bored, but returned to them between other projects, determined I’d get him his replacement pair by Christmas this year. The ball of remaining yarn seemed to be diminishing quickly, so I decided to shorten the knee high sock from the first pair to a mid-calf sock; as I got closer to the end, I changed that to a fairly short sock, with only a 5″ leg before a 1″ cuff. It’s done! Before binding off, I decided to weigh the remaining yarn and disaster struck… only 40 grams left!!! How did that happen? Stupid men’s size feet! So… Dad’s Christmas socks became Dad’s Not Socks. Now, I need to go through my stash and find a yarn that I have at least 120 grams of, and start over. And frog the current sad, lonely Not Sock.

RIP Not Sock: