Since spring hasn’t arrived yet up here in Northern BC, I’ve decided to knit something light and bright to remind me it’s coming!

A few years ago, I signed up for the first Year of Lace club. I absolutely loved the first design, but had set it aside when life got in the way, and never went back to finish it. Last night, I pulled it out again, tinked back 3 rows to find the mistake that had made me set it aside in the first place, and started knitting again. Soon, I will have a beautiful new shawl. To see the finished version, check out the Ravelry page for Phoenix Rising here.

Just to be sure we understand each other though, I should clarify that “soon” means, sometime in the future: possibly in the next month, or possibly 5 years from now! This shawl will have over 80,000 stitches once it’s complete. I have just finished the third repeat, which puts me at about 20% completion. So, only 64,000 stitches to go, but look how pretty it is: