The shawl on which I was working when my needle broke? The shawl on which I picked up the last life line, from which point I’ve reknit the next 4-5 rows 4-5 times? Yeah. I have the first 4-5 rows of the repeat memorized, so I don’t really look at the pattern chart for those, except for the centre panel. So, after the needle broke, I paintakingly picked up the hundreds of stitches on the lifeline, and started knitting away. When I got to row 5, approaching the centre panel and looking at the chart more closely for the first time, I didn’t have the correct number of stitches. When I looked at the rows beneath it, I realized that was the case since the lifeline, so I took it off the needles and picked up the lifeline again and started over. I’ve been working on the shawl at our store knit night lately, so when I had the same problem at row 5 again, I thought I had gotten too involved in conversation, and tore back to the lifeline once more. I did this one more time, and again had the same problem. It finally dawned on me that I should probably read the pattern for the first row to make sure I had it right. I did, by the way! Do you know what I didn’t have right? The *plain* purl row the life line was through! Somehow I had purled a yarn over and the following stitch together as one without noticing, and obviously that was causing all my problems. Now, I won’t say this is an extremely difficult lace pattern, but it is large and detailed. The fact that I’ve ripped back this repeat 5 times because of a mistake on a plain purl row and not a pattern row is just… mind-blowing. I’m now starting the repeat for a fifth time; the lifeline row error is now fixed though, and I’m confident I’ll make it at least to row 6!