A while ago, I thought I’d try spinning. I bought some beautiful bamboo to spin, then I signed up for a class. Then, I bought a spindle, and another. After that, I bought a wheel. Then another wheel. (And a shwack of fiber throughout). Then I packed to move to BC, and started a new business and haven’t spun since. Boo! Hiss!

Tonight, though! Ah! Tonight, I put my wheel back together for the first time in a year, attached a leader and started playing. First I spun some soft, fuzzy brown jabob. Then, I dug out some of my more exotic spinning fibers for show and tell tomorrow at the store, and thought, “Hey, I haven’t tried spinning that corn silk yet” and spun some of that. I don’t know what I’d use the yarn for, but it’s so shiny and pretty, and very easy to draft. Then, I dug out the remainder of the original bag of BFL that Spinknit gave me with the wheel I bought from her, and now, I have the pretty on my bobbin. I love BFL. I love how it drafts, how it looks, how it feels. I love that this blue/pink/purple batch reminds me of my friend whenever I pick it up. I love that I can still spin “with” her, even though she is so far away!

PS: It really was very little spinning of each, as it’s been kind of hectic at the store. Tomorrow is our WWKIP/yarn bombing event, so we’ve been busy crocheting and knitting and decorating the store with all our handknits (which meant weaving in millions of ends and blocking thousands of projects… or so it seemed)! Check it out over at our store blog: Faking-Sanity.net. I promise though there will be a knitting and crochet related post soon, as we got some new stuff done for the store event tomorrow, and I’m slowly making progress on my Phoenix Rising shawl, too.