We decided to subtly introduce the city of Dawson Creek to the art of yarn bombing! Have a peek.

These flower boxes outside the store normally have ceramic gnomes and mushrooms. They gained a few knit flowers for the event, as well as a knit mushroom. There was also a giant crocheted snail in the window just behind them (left inside due to the fact that it was on loan from a knit night regular, and that we weren’t sure whether it would start raining during the event).

Inside the store we had several vases of knit flowers, as well as many knit items on display, loaned from our personal project stashes, and those of our regular knit night attendees. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of those onto this computer yet. I could have sworn I had, but I guess I’ll just post those pictures in a new post later. The mushroom and most of the flower vase flowers were done by blog co-author Perian and I, while the flowers and snail in these two pictures were done by our most regular knit night attendee, who had never heard of yarn bombing, but was thoroughly enjoying it!

We also bombed the tree outside the store. Pretty small scale as far as yarn-bombing is concerned, but you should have seen the stares and laughs as people saw it! I think it was a success for this small city! Here’s a wider shot of the whole tree. There’s a crocheted wrap for the tree trunk (in red and black, of course!) and an assortment of leaves, flowers and butterflies. Many of the leaves were green, so not very visible now that the tree actually has leaves. We also did a wrap and butterfly for the lightpost on the corner, but they were taken down before I had a chance to get a picture.

And here’s a close up of some of the flowers and butterflies in the tree. You can also see a leaf  and finger-knitting strand ( knit by our youngest WWKIP attendee – 6 year old Seby) in the background.