It’s fall fair season! Our little Faking Sanity knit night group submitted several items to the Dawson fall fair this year. I was sad when we went to look at all the handicrafts that there was so little submitted, though. There were so many categories without a single entry.

Given the categories available, and my limited knitting time these days due to long hours at the shop, all I had to submit was a shawl. I finished knitting this one in February this year.

While the shawl design itself is quite simple, I’m proud of this one because I dyed the yarn as well. In a fair with more competition, it might not have gotten much notice, but it was good enough for a third place ribbon in the “fancy knitted sweater or other clothing” category up here in Dawson.

Because I was so dissapointed at the lack of participation in the handicrafts competitions this year, I’ve promised myself to submit something in at least one more category next year (hopefully more). Now, it’s your turn! I’m challenging the rest of our little group to do the same. Half the fun of the fair was walking through the buildings to see all the exhibits that were there. Let’s make sure we do our part so that these competitions and exhibits continue in the years to come!