We try to keep this blog to our crafty sides, rather than cluttering it with our business stuff. However, since Faking Sanity first started as hand-dyed yarns and knitting accessories, we thought this one might fit here as well as on our business blog.

While the Faking Sanity Yarns are taking a back seat right now due to the time it takes to run the Faking Sanity bookstore/cafe, there is still knitting!

We’re currently planning our second Knitting 101 class to take place this fall, we have a weekly Knit Night that is slowly growing, and we’ve even got a few skeins of Faking Sanity yarns. But the big news? The BIG news? You can now get Namaste bags in Dawson Creek! Our first shipment flew out the doors, but we’ve gotten a new shipment this week, and we’ll have more again by the end of the month. Here’s a sneak peek at a few:

So, if you’re in Dawson Creek, why not hop over to our store blog or Facebook page and stay up to date on the new stock as it arrives… or pop in and have a look for yourself.

Oh, and I’ve been knitting too! I’ve started a Koolhaas for my dad. I had forgotten how much I love this pattern. This one will have slightly softer lines due to the use of handspun yarn, but now that I’m starting with row 1 of the pattern (don’t ask!), it’s looking great. I’ll try to have pics for you once I get home from tonight’s knit night.