Well, I was done my Christmas knitting because I had planned to knit something for the adults in my family, and buy something for the kids. I was skyping with ym niece this week, though, and I got this crazy idea that maybe I could tackle one more project before the holidays. Have you seen the “Hey, Mickey” pattern (Ravelry link here and Knitty link here). It’s adorable to start, but I saw better pictures on Ravelry, and it’s just too cute not to try and have it done before I go home!

So yesterday afternoon, I headed off to B&T to find some worsted weight purple yarn. I did some gauge swatches when I got home, asked my sister for some measurements, and today I’m casting on. I think I’ll do it in 2 colours, since perian had a ball of the same yarn in light grey that she’s willing to let me have, kind soul that she is! So, I’m off! Am I crazy tackling another knit Christmas present at this late date? We’ll see!