Well, maybe not rock, but… I did start the first of my charity knitting projects for this year: a Just Your Basic Beanie (Ravelry link), and only after finishing another project, so I’m on top of at least a couple of my knitting resolutions! And I’m blogging about it, so there’s a third. Now, if only I could remember to take photos during the day so I had some visual appeal to my posts, I’d be set!

I promise I’ll post with pictures by this weekend… The days tend to get away from me when I’m at the shop.

These quick projects really are getting me motivated to knit more again – exactly what I’ve been needing lately. And tonight was our store knit night, and it’s exciting to see new people picking up new skills, too… I don’t know why, but someone’s enthusiasm over learning a new technique somehow spills over and reminds me of why I love fiber crafts. Our little group, which was often just 3 people last winter, is now often over 10, sometimes more. While it’s not as relaxing as it used to be (since we’re also running the store at the same time), it is so much fun! The enthusiasm I see in this group and in our knitting 101 students has rekindled my love of knitting in the past few weeks, and I couldn’t be happier!