That’s right, not just “the knitting is done” but actual finished projects! Granted, they’re small projects, but they’re done nonetheless. The first was a staghorn cable coffee cup cozy I knit up out of a tiny bit of leftover Bernat yarn from years ago. I actually finished the knitting part a week or two ago, but I only stitched it together and wove in the ends at this week’s knit night. The second is the first of my charity knitting for the year: a basic 2×2 ribbed beanie. I don’t have much heavy yarn (my stash is nearly all lace and sock weight), so I went to one of the local shops and picked up a skein of Bernat Jacquards. I’m not usually a fan of self-patterning yarns, but the colours and price both appealed, so I thought I’d try it. As it turns out, knitting it at a different gauge than it calls for breaks up the patterning just a bit – enough that I quite liked the results, and went out to buy a second ball! I finished knitting this one at knit night too, and also wove in all the ends. Woo! I’m on a roll!