I started this shawl (pattern: Vlad, yarn: Araucania Ranco) on Thursday and it is just flying off the needles!  Lace is a refreshing change from all of the baby stuff I’ve been doing lately — lots of mindless stockinette and ribbing, but not a lot of challenge — and I’m loving how the pattern is growing.

But I just hit the point where I should be starting the edging and I realized that I had a LOT of yarn left. As in, more than half of my skein. So I wondered if I had enough yarn to add an extra repeat. I know that edgings can take a deceptively large percentage of yarn, so I booted up my handy-dandy spreadsheet and went to town…

[SIDENOTE: I do know that the transistion chart isn’t exactly the same as the first 6 rows of the body chart, but it’s pretty damn close. I can easily drop down that middle stitch and turn it into 2 stitches instead, if I do decide to add an 8th repeat of the body chart.]

I figured out exactly how many stitches were in each row and I estimated that the bind off would be the equivalent of twice as many stitches as the last row (possibly a high estimation, but the absolute last place you want to run out of yarn is DURING the bind off!)  So, the pattern as written has 17,711 stitches and at the end of the transition chart you have completed 11,220 of them. Which is 63% of the yarn.  Okay, I’m definitely going to have a ton of yarn left over.

But, if I add that 8th repeat of the body chart, am I then going to screw myself over and run out of yarn?  HERE COMES MATH TO SAVE THE DAY!  If I add in the 8th repeat, the shawl will then have 20,951 stitches (which means it will take 18% more yarn than as originally written!) and I am still at 11,220 stitches. So that means that I have used 54% of the yarn that I will need to complete the shawl… but when I weigh my yarn I still have 56g left of a 100g skein, which means I’ve only used 44% of it. So Math informs me that I should be just fine to finish this shawl — and that I’ll still have some left over to do a couple of squares for my mitered square patchwork blanky.

Some days I forget just how much of a nerd I am. Some days I remember just fine, thanks.

P.S. Yes, I know it’s been a year and a half since I posted here. I am *so* good at this blogging thing…