Pulled out my spinning wheel tonight… Aaaaahhh! Every time I pull it out, I am reminded how much I enjoy spinning, and that I am stupid for letting it sit sad and lonely in the corner for months on end.

At first I thought I’d spin some alpaca and knit a project from it for the fall fair, but sadly, I have no alpaca. That’s ok though. I’ll find something for the fair, and in the meantime, I’m spinning some some natural very light brown/tan jacob. It’s not my favourite fiber to spin, but I haven’t spun in a long time, so it’s good to get some practice in on the more basic fibers to get my groove back. Then I’ll move on to some of the old favourites in my stash: a merino-tencel blend (love the staple of the tencel), or bamboo (my best spindle-spun yarn to date), BFL (so easy to draft), or Wensleydale (so… creamy… don’t know how else to describe it… but it’s a good thing). Or maybe I’ll try some that I bought but have never spun yet, like my camel down, or bison down, or bombyx silk, or merino-seacell blend, or cotswold. Or maybe some of the ones I’ve only played with a tiny bit like the corn silk (so fun), or … or maybe I should just get back to my wheel.

Good night! :)