I headed off to Make One this afternoon to pick up the needles I ordered for YOL (Year of Lace). I decided that I’d start my gauge swatch while I was there, so that if it was way off, I could just buy another size of needles right away. SMART move.

You know what I learned? That I have the loosest knitting gauge in the world! Amy mentioned a while back that the project recommended 32″ 3mm needles (approx. US #2 or #3, depending on the brand), which I didn’t have, so I ordered them from the store to come with my kit. After realizing that not only my gauge but also the look of the fabric were way off with those, I tried some 2.5mm needles, and it was still a tiny bit too open for my taste. I finally tried some 2mm needles (yup, that’s a size 0) and the fabric was much more to my liking. It was a little more dense than what gauge would require, but I like the look better, especially since blocking will open it up a bit more. So, in the end, I went from the recommended size 3’s down to size 0’s. Note to self: don’t pre-purchase needles for the next kit!

ripple afghan, mar 24Now, since I’ll be casting on the YOL project right after this post, and only coming up for food, air and pee breaks for the next little while, here are a few progress pictures on other projects to tide you over.

sock, mar 24The first is my sock. I have less than 1/2″ of ribbing left, but it is now officially relegated to “bus only” knitting, so it will get done whenever it gets done. It’s insanely simple, but I like how it’s turned out.

The second is of my boring but comfy ripple afghan. I’ve actually worked on this more this week than I have in months; blame it on thank the Vegetable Sister that came over to watch Torchwood on Friday. It’s too big to carry around anywhere, so I only work on it when I’m sitting down for a few hours of uninterrupted TV. I’m only doing a few rows per colour on this, but I love the height – and hence the speed – of crocheted rows!