Remember that handspun entrelac scarf in my last blog? I really liked how it was looking. You know what I realized though? I really dislike knitting entrelac! I’m thinking I’ll hone my knitting backwards skills, and then try again, but for now the constant turning is too annoying for a project I wanted done in time to submit  in the fall fair’s handspun knits category.

So… time for a new project! Enter the trusty Amanda Hat (Ravelry link). I’ve knit two of these before, and loved them, and I was confident it would be fairly easy to modify the pattern to work with my bulky handspun. And it was! I finished it with enough time to spare that I’m planning on making two other small items before Wednesday’s submission  deadline. It doesn’t look like much right now because it hasn’t been blocked yet, but I’ve had so little knitting to show off lately that I wanted to show you. I like it, although I think this particular pattern looks better in the lighter weight yarns. That’s ok though. It will be warm, and I still have almost 100 grams of handspun left for another project (maybe the Sulka Bulky Hat). Anyway, here’s my very first handspun knitted project!