Yes, you heard right! You’ve seen me blog about projects lingering in UFO status for months and even years. Not this time, though. I started Stephen West’s Daybreak shawl on August 20th. Last night, a mere 3 weeks later, I finished casting off!

The pattern calls for fingering weight, and I chose to do it in laceweight, so I figured I’d have to change it a bit to get a decent size. In the end, I made less changes than I anticipated. The patter includes three sizes, so I did the large size for the initial solid section. By the time I got to 12 stripes, which is how many are called for in the smallest size shawl, I realized it was getting to be a decent size, so I did only two more, placing it somewhere between the small and medium size for that section, then did the full large size border section. In the end, I got a scarf/shawl that is over 46″ wide before blocking, so I’m guessing I’ll have something in the neighbourhood of a 50″ wingspan in the end. And the whole thing ways less than 55 grams, so I can wrap it up under my coat as a scarf without it being too bulky. Yay!

What do you guys think: should I block it like this with soft points, or with a smooth, rounded edge?

PS: Forgive the bad photos; they were taken at night, with bad lighting and a flash. Colour is closest to second photo, though maybe slightly cooler.