Had a nice weekend with oprtv47 and aylii.  Aylii spent the weekend at our place and we watched cheesy Britcoms and Tasteless American Cartoons (See: http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/shows/showdetails.aspx?sid=3477).  Plus, once oprtv47 had gone to bed, Aylii and I were able to totally geek out and had our own midnight sing-along to some really cheesy but really fun songs.  During all of this Aylii was re-teaching me how to knit, which was interesting since I ended up teaching her how to knit English style since I just don’t get Continental…..at….all.

I was working on a fairly easy project, the Variegated Dog Kerchief from “Men who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them” (ISBN: 1579908748).  I swear to the Goddess I only bought it for the sweater patterns.  However, since the Kerchief was small, fairly straight forward but with a few quirks, I figured it would make a good practice piece.  So I grabbed some old Acrylic and worked away all day on it.  It uses Short-Rows which weren’t that hard to do but there were a few instances where I managed to botch up the wrap-n-turns, they opened up almost like a drop stitch, I think I had wrapped the wrong stitches to make that happen.

Sunday was more of the same, lots of good tv, some classic Doctor Who and then a sing-along to Phantom of the Opera.  Ah the joys of being geeks :)  As I was driving Aylii to the train station we witnessed an idiot on a bike get run-over.  He decided it would be perfectly safe to drive through two lanes of traffic (admittedly one lane was standing still) and he got hit in the second lane by someone that not so still.  Luckily he didn’t look too hurt since the car ended up hitting the back wheel.  A few seconds sooner though and that would have been a nasty accident.

Got home, played some World of Warcraft with oprtv47 (we have a Husband & Wife dwarf team…can you guess who plays the wife? 😉 ) and then he went to watch a movie with his little brother.  I decided I wasn’t quite geeked out enough and watched Revenge of the Sith, reciting all of Palpatine’s lines and hamming it up as much as I could.

Later that night oprtv47 and I were WoWing again when I decided to go check on the puppy.  Lo and behold the little bast*rd had managed to pull my WiP off of the bookcase and dragged it across the living room and up the stairs.  Needless to say half of it was pulled out now and all of my stitchmarkers had dissapeared.  So now I have no clue where I was in the wrap and turns and the work is ruined.  Did I mention I’m REALLY not a dog person?  REALLY REALLY not a dog person?