Oh, total Yarngasm!¬† The September class schedule just came out for Make One (and I bet you didn’t know the schedule was even in the closet ūüėČ ).¬† There are¬†three classes¬†on there I am definitely taking:

Knitting 101 (just to make sure I’m doing everything right);
Socks 101; and
Marvellous Mittens.

The socks and the mittens are on the same day so I get to spend ALLLL day at Make One…such a tragedy.¬† Though I had better leave my wallet at home!¬† Although I will have to perhaps increase my stash size prior to classes so that I have nice yarn to work with.

There are, naturally, other classes I want to take.¬† I’d really love to work with Lace so that I can make gifts for my female family and friends, but I have a feeling I may be in a bit over my head with more than the 3 classes.¬† However, having said that, I think I may join Year of Lace this year.¬† Just for the hell of it.

Now I just have to talk oprtv47 into taking the classes too so that we can officially induct him into the Yarnie Circle.

UPDATED NEWSFLASH:  The pattern for Harry Potter House Fair Isle Pouch Bags just came into my life.  All other projects are now officially on hold until my Slytherin bag is completed!!