Yes, it’s true: I have finished not one, but *two* projects. This is unheard of! To the left you see the Rose Wristwarmers. Or is that Wrist Warmers? I’ve never been able to figure that one out. But yes, they are complete! I am so very in love with these, too – I love the pattern, I love the yarn, I love the way they feel when I’m wearing them. I almost want the weather to turn cold enough that I can wear these out without looking the fool… almost. (I don’t think there’s anything fantastic enough out there to make me like winter.

And, the second FO. The Britain Socks. After two years, they are complete. Yep, I bollocksed them up a couple times, but honestly, at this point, I think it’s just better that I’ve finished them. Even with the issues, though, I do love them. I’m happy with them. And like I said on Ravelry, it’s not so much that I love the individual components of the socks (the yarn, the pattern, etc), but I love what they represent, what they remind me of. Yes, I could have done without the mad search for dpns after losing a couple somewhere in Scotland, and the unexpected monsoon that accompanied aforementioned search, but every time I put on these socks, I’ll remember how much fun I had. And isn’t that the most important thing

And now, my new WIP. Originally titled Helmcken Falls (due to the stitch pattern and a waterfall back home), they’re now being called Rainbow Chips. Because, as oprtv47 pointed out, the yarn is more than a little reminiscent of rainbow chip frosting. Mmm, frosting.

Dammit, now I want cupcakes.

They’re toe-up socks, which is a bit of a departure for me. I like the fact that toe-up socks can be tried on as you go, but I’ve never been fond of the way the ends of the toes seem so… boxy, for lack of a better word. There may be a way around this – I’ve only ever made toe-up socks using the W&T method – but I really do prefer the pointiness I seem to get from cuff-down socks. But these socks are cute, and that’s all that matters :-D.