Yes I am still alive just busy working and going on Holidays. I am still knitting on the job even now that the boss is back cuz I can knit on Sundays which I am usually working. I don’t often get a weekend off which is ok cuz neither does Dave we both get our days off during the week.

I really hate Airport security you know I wasn’t able to take my knitting with me to London because of them it was so not fair. Security is way to harsh over there you even have to take your shoes off and stick them in a scanner as you are entering the boarding area. Either way the whole point of this was that I really haven’t knit in two weeks and that is not good cuz I have to finish this pair of socks soon so I can start on the shawl I want to make Dave’s mom for christmas.Hopefully I get back into the knitting mood soon though, I have to get going on all this, christmas is way to close and I have so much to do.

In some good news I got in contact with Girlinglasses so she could recommend yarn shops in Toronto, so next time I go I can stop at a few and maybe make my stash grow a little. Though I really can’t at the moment the trip killed me.I can always drool at the pretty yarn and save up for the next time we go down.A girl can dream can’t she.