I’ve hit my ADHD wall.  Every project I pick up is frustrating me.  I know it’s perfectly normal to make mistakes and have to frog or tink but with my teeny attention span it gets to me.  Plus I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, I know many will have difficulty believing that, so when things aren’t right the first time around I lose interest.

I know I have to fight past this wall, I’m determined to, but the urge to give up on any form of knitting or crochet is so strong right now.  I’m forcing myself to go to Make One tonight, I’m hoping it will help me break through it.

On the plus side, my Star Blanket is looking good, even though I had to go back a few rows because I ended up with a flat edge, hehehe.  The person I’m making it for is Due today, so I’m hoping the baby isn’t in a huge rush to come into the world, or he’ll (/she’ll)  be blankie-less.

I cast on the first row of my co-workers mittens, I just don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm for it as I did for my first attempt at mittens.  This is mostly due to my ADHD and lack of an attentio….oooo look, a bunny!….attention span.

I’m definitely quitting the Gym though, I just can’t keep going when I’m getting such lousy results.  I think I’m going to save up and buy that neck-tuck I’ve always longed for.  It’s the only way I am going to get rid of my Neck Rolls, they’re genetic, damn family…yet another thing I can curse them for!