I have discovered that I can knit lace and I like it. I decided that I was going to knit Dave’s mom a shawl for Christmas during a bout of insanity, with that thought I ordered yarn and it arrived two days ago. As soon as the yarn arrived I stopped knitting my lovely cardigan for Arwen and began the Leaf patterned Convertable Shawl for Daves mom and so far so good. I have finally bought a row counter so I am no longer getting lost on which rows I am on and the pattern is easy enough that I can follow it while watching tv though there have been the few slip ups that were easy to fix. So far you can actually see the leaf pattern appearing and it s knitting up quickyI am almost done the first ball and I started two nights ago only knitting while at my evil closing shifts at work. I will insert pictures once I take one. Dave is loving the way it is looking and he thinks his mom is going to love it, so yay me.

leaf-patterned shawl

In other news I have bought halloween colours for my nails which I can now have long and almost need long when holding the very small screws repairing galsses. They are currently a very bright orange with a french tipped black and the 3rd finger has a skull and cross bones on it. We’ll see how long they last with me being so rough on my hands.I’ll take pictures of them too maybe holding the leaf patterned shawl.

halloween nails