It may seem that mtlaise is the only one still alive around here (9 of the last 10 posts!) but it’s not true, really.  I just have to admit that all of my knitting for the last million years has been gift-y.  Specifically, gifts for the other authors of this blog, so I haven’t wanted to post pictures or really talk about them (though they all know what they’re getting and also that they definitely won’t be getting them for Christmas!)

But last night I actually cast on something that I can talk about!  I’ve been completely stumped for a Christmas pressie for my newest brother-in-law because I’m completely broke this year.  So I was thinking, what can I make for an architect whose idea of a good time is spending an entire day out in the snow and cold?  Silly!  Of course he’d love a Koolhaas Hat!  I had 100g of Cascade Ecological Wool left over from my Hemlock Ring Blanket (which I really need to find space to block some day.  There is just no place big enough in our apartment!) in a dark brown and it’s knitting up like a dream.  Pictures to come when I’m at home.

‘Cause I’m not at home right now.  Guess where I am?  I’m working at M1 today (mtlaise and I are splitting the weekend between us) so if you’re in Calgary and feel like braving the snow and cold and stupid drivers, come visit!