I was just messaging a friend and telling her I have actually spun on my wheel, and realized I’ve never actually posted any pix since I got it.

This is the first bobbin I spun on my wheel (or any wheel for that matter). It’s still has both corkscrews and underspun areas, but I’m getting better. I can still spin much more consistently on a spindle than on the wheel, but I’ve put in more time on that, so it’s to be expected, I guess. And the additional speed of the wheel may be a challenge at first, but will also be a blessing if I want to do this very much, which I do (as my fiber stash can attest to).


Here’s what I’ve learned so far, in no particular order:

  • I love spinning merino, merino-tencel blends (handy since I have two pounds of the stuff!) and bfl on both wheel and spindle
  • I quite enjoy bamboo, although the static is a little bit of an issue; not sure I’m ready to try that on the wheel yet
  • I’m ambivalent toward shetland
  • I hate jacob (I guess I need to learn to spin a little better before I try this one again); the roommie has inherited most of the pound I bought
  • I absolutely LOVE my wheel. I’ve now tried several Louets, an Ashford, a Spinolution, and a Lendrum, and my old double-drive Leclerc Nilus is my soulmate, I think!