Oddly enough, that does have a crafty reference… I’ve been meaning to hit the home hardware store for a while to get a small piece of veneer for my spinning wheel.

The roommie and I went on a quest to this unfamiliar territory to find said veneer, and some PVC for a new niddy-noddy. We found coiled 3/4″ PVC, but no 3/4″ end caps, and we found lengths of straight 1/2″ PVC, but they couldn’t cut them, and they wouldn’t fit into the car otherwise. So. We headed off to find the veneer, which apparently can’t be bought in anything smaller than 4 by 8 foot sheets (what we actually found were rolls even longer than that). Did I mention I needed a piece a few square inches in size? Ah well. When I asked where to find the veneer, the guy was really helpful, but he was more than a little baffled at my answer when he asked why I needed such a small piece. I guess that was kind of fun, but the trip wasn’t overly successful.

Cue brilliant roommate, who gave me a 3″ strip of veneer that had unglued from the front of her cupboards. While it’s too dry/brittle to glue to my wheel as a permanent fix, it does provide a temporary solution so that I feel comfortable spinning on my wheel again. Wee!

As for the making decisions part, I’ve spent all day going over all the patterns I could think of for the handspun yarn I posted about earlier yesterday. I have a  long list of possible contenders I haven’t yet deleted, but I think I have most likely narrowed it down to one of the following: Tudor Grace, Blink, Eagle Feathers or Swallowtail (Ravelry links).