I finished a fiber-related project!  I haven’t really been in the mood to knit or crochet lately (probably because I have a backlog of Christmas presents on the needles and the guilt is making me procrastinate) but mtlaise dyed up this tiny skein of yarn a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t resist doing some Tunisian crochet with it.  The speed of crochet, the suppleness of knitting, and the look of weaving…

Ta da!  Easy peasy iPod cover.  The seam on this one isn’t perfect, so it’s for me, but I thought I might do up some for the store.  Dunno if anyone would be interested.

I also had to share my super-duper photo setup I had going this afternoon, trying to get decent pictures of my chainmail bracelets:

Excuse the blurriness, I had to take it with my old, icky camera.  That is a bracelet on a Irish Cream bottle (not empty!) on a Doctor Who book, up against a footstool, all on top of a computer table.  It prompted a discussion on just how big of a lush I will have to become to have a liquor bottle big enough for a necklace shot.