I have finally regained my knitting mojo!  Apparently, all I needed to do was finally give up on all the stuff that I had promised to people for Christmas.  I couldn’t bring myself to knit another round on a sock (and I had three pairs on the go for Christmas pressies!) but I felt guilty if I knitted on anything else, since I “should” have been working on the socks.  But I finally decided yesterday just to buy replacement presents and I was instantly in the knitting mood again!

I’ve started a new project (it’s a secret so I can’t show pictures) and I’m loving it to little tiny pieces.  Much as I love sock and lace yarn, it is fabulous to be knitting with worsted weight again.  You can see progress!  I now have this urge to knit myself a nice warm blankey out of Cascade Ecological (besides the one I already have that looks like a giant amoeba because I don’t have the space to block it. Hemlock Blanket, I still love you!) but I don’t know where I can get it around here.  I picked up the stuff I have in the stash when we were in Vancouver.

Speaking of yarn shopping… there is the possibility of a yarn crawl happening this Saturday.  Not that I’ll be buying any (still broke) but it’s so fun to look!

In other crafty news, I received a new shipment of chainmail supplies today.  I made mtlaise a copper bracelet that I just adore, so it’ll definitely be replicated for the store.