I’ve been plague ridden, but am finally starting to feel better tonight. I’ve been making progress on a test knit for a sock pattern. Unfortunately, my plan to show a picture with the slightest hint of the pattern was foiled by my electronics curse: yet another camera card bites the dust.

As I’m writing this, though, I’m staring at a wad of very odd feeling fake cashmere fiber. I had grabbed a bit and tied it in a knot and set it in the dye bath with some other fiber a while ago to soak up the excess dye. The more I look at it, though, the more I like the look and the more curious I am about how the colours would work out in the spun yarn. The dye bath was black with a hint of teal, so the knotted portion remained white or silvery, while the rest is a black with green undertones. It’s not enough fiber to try on the wheel, especially since it’s horrid to draft, but I may pull out my spindle and give it a whirl. 😉 If I ever get a camera card that doesn’t hate me, I’ll show you all how it turns out!