As you all know I bought a few amigurumi patterns a few weeks back, I made Luke in the Dinosaur suit and can’t seem to find eyes that I like for him (must go to Micheal’s) but I have now started Marky the Monkey . He is looking so cute I can’t wait till he is done. I have to find the stuffing in my house to be able to stuff him and put him together I even have the eyes for him already so that won’t be a problem.The funny thing is that the day that I started making him my sister came over to see us and asked what I was doing she loved the monkey and wanted one ,and since I refused to make her one she took up making it herself bothering me the rest of that night on how to do different things. She is now well versed int he stitched she needs for the monkey but still only has the one part of him that she finished the first night and nothing else. I on the other hand have finished all the parts but am not working on him until I figure out how to put all the parts on so that they look like the picture. You see the pattern is great except for the finishing touches she doesn’t explain how to attach a few of the parts so that they end up looking like the picture that she has on the pattern. I was getting so mad at the monkey that I just had to stop and now he is just a pile of bit and is waiting to be put together, though the bits are still cute. Here is what he is looking like now and will be like for a bit until I am no longer mad at it.