It’s ok, it’s not me heading there yet… We just watched a British TV show by that name with everybody’s favourite Doctor, David Tenant – except in this he plays a very manic young adult in a psychiatric institute. It really was a great show.

charity hat 1charity hat 2

Also, since tomorrow night is Make One’s charity knit night, and I’m such a slow knitter, I thought I’d look up some quick crochet patterns that were suitable. I wanted to test the Seija Set baby hat from Stitch n’ Bitch Crochet – the Happy Hooker. While watching, I found a few patterns, settled on this one, pulled out the supplies, and even finished the first preemie-sized hat entirely. The second hat, which is about toddler sized, is nearly there – all the crochet and trims are complete, but I need to weave in the ends. I have to say, it does look a little odd… I’m using some baby yarn leftovers I had, and now that I see it complete, the baby teri yarn seems a little funky for a hat… ah well. live and learn. I think I’ll bring the other yarn tomorrow night.