Last week, I arranged a purchase on Ravelry for some Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted. Although I missed the impatient delivery man, when I got to the door, there was a package on the floor. Wee! The yarn is the most amazing deep red (it’s called “Shane’s Red”) and the ever so slight heathering gives it so much depth. I’ve been itching for a sweater lately, and I think this will be perfect. Must decide on the perfect match, though… I’m tossing around the idea of that Corsica sweater (Ravelry link) I was originally planning for my Noro.

Lambs Pride Superwash Worsted - shanes red

And can I take this time to point out that Americans are crazy when they complain about the US postal service (not that the person I bought this from is one of those)? The parcel took 7 days to arrive despite a holiday in between (4 business days), and it cost less than $11 to ship. For me to ship the same parcel to her address would cost nearly $17 for the cheapest option with no insurance, tracking, guarantees, etc, and their delivery standard is 2.5 weeks (12 business days). And the cost only drops by 50 cents if I want to ship the same parcel to my mother, here in Canada. I do have to admit that Canada Post has improved greatly in the past couple of years at their standard delivery times, but they still lose and damage stuff frequently, and when you’re paying more to start, for a slower delivery time, you tend to have this weird, perhaps unfounded expectation that your package gets delivered. To the right address. Undammaged.

Thump. Stepping off my soap box now.