Surprisingly enough, I have actually been knitting this summer, even if I haven’t been posting about it!  First, there was some garter stitch — not the most fascinating thing to photograph.  Then there was some present knitting — couldn’t talk about it because it was for one of this blog’s co-authors and presumably she reads it, even if she doesn’t post (hint, hint.)  And of course I gave the present to her before taking pictures (or, you know, sewing in the ends!  And she won’t give them back so that I can.  Lose a present that you’re finishing once and they never let you forget it!)  And then there was some baby pressies that are waiting for finishing (have I mentioned lately that I hate finishing?  I’d rather untangle a skein of yarn for someone else than sew together a sweater!)

But!  I did complete something!  (Well, except for sewing in the ends.  But really, they’re socks.  I can just tuck the ends in once I have them on…)

Pattern: Kaylee by Monkey Toes
Yarn: Fireside Superwash Sock in Greens
(dyed by the incomparable SpinKnit, the Fiber Queen)

I’ve been working on them in little tiny spurts for almost a year now and they’ve remained favourites the entire time.  I didn’t even swear at them!